I don’t remember the last intense romantic movie that I saw in Tamil. I found the fact funny at the start of the review but that’s what the plight of Tamil Movies in the recent past. Get this right, Vinnai Thandi Varuvayava is not a classic but a honest and intense romance which has it’s heart at the right place.

The movie starts with one unanswerable question “of all the girls in the world, why did I fell in love with Jessie?” – a pertinent question asked by all the lead characters in the movie to the protoganist (Any guy in love would have asked this question atleast once in his life time). Karthik (Simbu), a mechanical engineer pass out and an aspiring director falls in love with a Malayali Christian girl Jessie ( Trisha), whose house their family stay as a tenant. A love at first sight, Karthik tries to woo Jessie with encouragement from his cameraman friend Ganesh(Ganesh, co-producer of the movie). Although initially the age factor of one year difference (Karthik is younger than Jessie) comes in to fray, the main reason for Jessie not accepting Karthik is the religion. Jessie’s Father ( Babu Antony) a staunch Christian would never accept for it. Jessie even stops her marriage at the altar as she could not decide about Karthik. She accepts his love as she couldn’t resist it. What happens next is shown in a more realistic way (I would not say different as other reviewers claim it)

The chemistry between Simbu and Trisha equals the chemistry of Sharukh and Kajol in DDLJ. It may be an exaggeration but the chemistry between the lead pair levitates the movie to unimaginable levels. An underplayed performance from Simbu speaks lot about his talent and how he has been wasting it so far in craps. Trisha looks like a poem. Gautham has this style where he makes you eventually fall in love with the heroine of his movies. Trisha’s character resembles Madhu of Sujatha’s Pirivom Sandippom a lot. But Gautham hasn’t dealt with the character deeply enough. It’s always tough to understand a girl’s decision when it comes to marriage and a shallow portrayal remains the biggest flaw of the movie.

Ganesh is a casting coup. A very normal but unmatchable dialogue delivery makes the character admirable. Babu Antony and Kitty have helped the movie to move forward. KSR’s cameo is not wasted. The real heroes of the movie are 3 people who were behind the scenes. AR Rahman – I have always been a critic of his background scores but he has graduated to a new level with Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya. The violin piece in the intro scene of Trisha and the wise use of Aaromale in apt places bears testimony to the brilliance of Rahman. The non-linear musical experimentation in the songs with Thamarai’s lyrics is well received by the audience. Hosanna, Mannippaya and Kannukul are a rage in theatres.

The next hero is Manoj Paramhasa, the cinematographer. The color tones, right use of natural lighting and interesting angles is unbelievable for a new comer. Antony hasn’t hampered the movie with his fast multi frame cuts. The third hero is ofcourse Gautham Menon for giving a feel good romance after a long time. He knows where and when to touch the right chords of the viewer. Wonderful one liners and a well written climax dialogue explains the talent of the man.

The biggest and the only flaw I saw in the movie was the shallow portrayal of Jessie’s Character. A girl’s decision on marriage and love depends on innumerable reasons and her character craves for a better treatment. The movie takes a leaf out a lot of real life stories and don’t you know Gautham a girl’s heart is more deeper than what you have shown in Jessie.

What could have been the next Mouna Raagam or the next Kadhalukku Mariyathai, just stays as yet another nice movie

Vinnai Thandi Varuvaya – Watch it for the Chemisty, AR Rahman and Gautham – 3.5/5

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  1. NIce new homepage… nice review of a movie that is a dismal (as usual) remake (or is it inspiration) of a hollywood movie (500 days of summer)


  2. What you felt as the flaw (Jessie's character) appears to be the "Plus" for me … A Real "Poles-apart" way of viewing things …

    You can check it at … http://gokul-r.blogspot.com/2010/02/vinnaithaandi

    Nice review …


  3. arun bharathi March 4 at 9:00 pm

    "Gautham has this style where he makes you eventually fall in love with the heroine of his movies." – absolutely true and he really does it. Kind of apt review for the film!


    1. Thanks for the comment arun. How's you and hows life?


  4. nicely reviewed 🙂
    yes i did watch that and loved the cam's trick n work!!


  5. Saravanan Jeyakumar March 7 at 2:39 pm

    Hi Pat,
    A neat review of the movie.I haven't seen the tamil version of the movie. The main aspect of the movie that touched me was gautham has portrayed Jessie's character as a real girl's.Yes the very unpredictable nature is their uniqueness.Samantha in telugu version makes u fall in love,but Naga chaitanya has still got miles to go.So I hope Simbu's performance will be much more enjoyable.
    One thing I dont agree with your comment is on ARR's background score talent.Even though I consider Ilayaraja as the number one in BGM , I would rate ARR as No.2 in BGM.

    Pat appreciate you for an honest and intelligent review!!!!


    1. Simbu's performance was good. i would say the first time he has acted in a movie. I liked Samantha too because she acts as Karthik's movie heroine in Tamil version. I have never said AR Rahman matches or has crossed Ilaiyaraja in BGM. I just said he has passed one more level in BGM scoring. Ilaiyaraja is like the pinnacle in Back ground scores which every music director aspire to achieve. According to me even James Horner, Ennio Moricone or Hans Zimmer are second to what Ilaiyaraja can do…


  6. Saravanan Jeyakumar March 17 at 7:54 am

    Hi Pat,
    I watched the Tamil Version yesterday.Trisha let me down by being just like a 'dumbnut" in some scenes.So Samantha overscores her!. Buy Simbu has given his best shot. I enjoyed every bit of acting.It looked as if the script was written keeping him in mind.I think the best thing would have been if Simbu & Samantha had been in Tamil version.

    And finally it was when ARR's name appeared in the screen, the crowd really errupted.


    1. Actually I liked Samantha in the few moments of screen presence in Tamil. I will hold the comments about her acting in Telegu version as i haven't seen it. ARR is the real hero of the movie


  7. Like few other people who have commented here, i too find that not explaining Trisha's decisions as elevating the realistic feel of the movie. The day after she asks simbu that she wants to run away, she says that moment has passed. It was one of better scenes in the movie. When love by itself is fairly illogical, it is illogical to expect decisions made when in love to be logical !!


    1. May be I expected more from that character whereas a few others havent 🙂 Anyways this movie has created a complex of opinions. I have seen people who are hating the movie to the core. I would say Gautham Menon has succeeded in one thing – he made a lot of people talk about it


  8. […] pulls back in the second half but this one is the most unimpressive BGM score from AR Rahman ever. I loved his work in VTV but I am taking back my words that he has graduated to the next level in BGM. Ilayaraja, James […]


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