Every human being in the world has his own personal Why? questions. I thought let me put forth a few why questions, which is coming to my mind at this moment.

Why I was born?
Why did I fall in love?
Why did I took the decision of leaving her?
Why did I do MBA?
Why do I despise God?
Why do I despise religion?
Why am I doubtful about arranged marriages?
Why I could not stand mediocrity?
Why I am selfish?
Why I should not be selfish?
Why do I get angry?
Why do I smile sometimes?
Why do I read books?
Why I am addicted to Internet and laptop?
Why I like to be alone?
Why I am not normal like others?
Why I believe inteligence is real beauty?
Why I cannot fulfill what my father expects out of me?
Why I expect a smart,confident and intelligence wife?
Why I love Ayn Rand’s Philosophy?
Why I want to be sensible?
Why I love to be an individual?
Why I didn’t I die?
Why I love romanticism?
Why do I live?
Why don’t I cry?

Chuck it man

Who is John Galt?

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Posted by Sylvian

Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth


  1. john galt is a character from ayn rand, great questions never returns back anything except confusion.. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the comment…

    I just made the questions because it had to be asked and i know i would never get an answer…


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