Countries of this world lose lives once or twice in a year to terrorists. But India loses lives every day to terrorism. From Kashmir to kanyakumari, the only thing that reigns is bomb blasts and threats.

The string of blasts from bengaluru to Delhi last week claimed by a extremist outfit called Indian mujahideen have conveyed only one thing. It’s a pointless act to hurt people of India and create communal riots. Guys if you are killing for your religion, how could you ever think of killing people who were going for their Iftar prayer.

The people of India are just fed up with your acts. Just tell us what you want, let us speak it out. We don’t need this anymore. If you think, you can create communal unrest based on these blasts, you are in a fools paradise. We are not idiots to yield to your pointless acts.
If you are real men, come out and talk to us in public.

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