I laze out on Sundays. I never want to go out anywhere nor do any work. I always want to do only one work. That’s sleeping.

Yesterday I was browsing through the channels and a live audio launch function caught my eyes. I hate Kalaignar TV because of their copycat programs but somehow I thought I should give this a shot because it was the audio launch of Cheran’s Pokkisham.

Although I don’t agree with his public statements, I am a fan of his movies. A different genre of film maker who satisfies both the critic and ordinary people. His ‘Autograph’ made me to cry because of the stark resemblances to my real life… Pokkisham comes out with a tag line née yenaku yezhuthiya kaadhal kadithangal ( the love letters you wrote me). Something in the lines of P.S.I Love You or Message in a bottle, you never know…

As they were speaking about the audio, they screened the first song Nila, Vaanam, Kaatru. After a long time this was the song, which struck me like a bolt. The song is about the lovers exchanging letters and they are trying describe each other.. The guy tries to describe her with metaphors while the lady is trying to identify how to address him in the letter.

I love poems and I try to write some.. And this was one of the beautiful poems written by Yugabharathi. The master stroke of the song is when she addresses him anbulla anbe (Dear Love) … The music has been done on the poem by Sabesh-Murali and the poem looks like a poem because of the stunning visuals by Rajesh ( I heard Jeeva had to work but he unfortunately passed away)…

Watch it for yourself…

Cheran, you have raised the expectation levels… I hope you sustain it.

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  1. I was ablr to connect with Autograph too. Me watching Tamil movies is rare but this was an exception. I like the design of your blog. Doi, the next time you go to IQL meets, post some photos of the people in action.


    1. Thanks for the comment Andy…I will try to post the pics


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