The quizzing season is back and it’s gonna rock. The Quiz Foundation of India (Chennai Chapter) is organizing it’s 5th edition of the QFI Open Quiz in association with Indian Terrain.

Awesomely researched content with a good mix of fun and seriousness has been the flavors of QFI Open Quizzes of the past years.

Do you wanna take part in the fun?

Date: 7th June, 2009

Venue: The Museum Theatre,
Govt. Museum
Egmore, Chennai

Quiz Master : Vinod Ganesh aka Mensa. (Another Apple fanatic like me…)

Time: Prelim at 3.30 PM and Finals at 5.30 PM

Team Size : Maximum of 3 per team

They have a special Sports Entertainment quiz too in the morning at the same venue.

Quiz Master : Rajen Prabhu

Time: Prelims at 10.30 AM and Finals at 11.30 AM (Hail Organisers)

Team Size : Maximum of 2 Per Team.

It boasts a prolific research team and I think it would be the best Sunday morning you would have spent.

Spoil your Sunday with quizzes galore…


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  1. Doi, who won the Open quiz?


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