Its a busy Thursday in office, I was working on the website content and was thinking about the BlogCamp trip, which i had planned to take on Friday and Saturday. I get a call from the security for a courier delivery.

I strolled down two floors and he gave me a white parcel. My office address clearly written in Blue Permanent Marker and the from address said “Mrs.Sylvian, D-24, Anandam Flats, Villivakkam”. The house address was mine. I was taken back by a wave of shock. With a mysterious stare from the security, i took the parcel to my place. I directly threw it in to my bag and then started completing my work.

After some time, as the curiosity started creeping in to me i tried to open the stitched parcel. I once again saw the from address, it was clearly saying Mrs.Sylvian. It was a nice blue t-shirt (my favorite color) and it was large size. I usually wore a medium. I tried to investigate the parcel.

It was parceled in a Daily Thanthi paper, along with a old tamil question paper of some exam. The prize tag was carefully taken out. There was a card saying ‘Advanced Wishes’ for my birthday. My birthday is on August 19th. It has come almost 5 days before.

Only two things can be the reason.

1.Some of my friends, very naughty friends should have done this.
2.Or some one who really wants to be my wife. ( Unlucky girl)

Anyways…Guys if anybody of you trying to play with me, I am happy that you are remembering my birthday. Thanks for the T-Shit, it will look great on me.

Girls, if any of you have sent it, why don’t we meet for a cup of coffee and talk it over. It will be better if its now because my Dad is in pursuit of profiles for my marriage. And i am actually making a crusade against my family that i don’t need a arranged marriage. A lot of my friends want me to fall in love with a girl, because they think that I am one of those rare unwanted species, which should not have come to this world. And i am looking for another rare species, who can marry this species.

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Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth

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  1. guess like you have quite a adventure in store for you

    like my own life

    well done

    i will tell you a tip when they reveal the surprise – just act like you have known it all along and never show your surprise look

    from a well known source of my life


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