I am starting this series of Good, Bad and Ugly reviewing some of the ads in the TV, Print and Radio. At least I should do some justice for my MBA education…

The Ugly

I think this would be one of the worst ads ever to be made in the history of Indian Advertising. How could they even think of such stupid ad. Even small kids in kindergarten would make a better job out of it.

And the worst part is they have one of my favorite actresses as their brand ambassador. The concept is that girl will not marry a guy, because his house is not having a BSNL landline…


Agency: Grey Worldwide

The Bad

The 7 Up Bheja fry ad. The concept is to cool of the brains using 7 UP because people are taxing it too much ..i am saying it in a very laymanish way… But I believe we do the ads for layman not intelligent crowd. Why bad, it was taken of a bad taste. The execution suffers a lot, showing brain and showering it with 7 UP, yuck, am I sitting in a third rated English movie…

By the way what happened to Fido Dido?

Watch it here, http://www.afaqs.com/main1.html

It is available in the beverages section…

Agency: Viacom Brand Solutions, India

The Good

Or the best currently on air… After a very long time we can see a cheeky ad.. You just have to enjoy it and you can get multiple meanings out of the ad…

Hmm Suspect the obvious…Chill maadi…enjoy and it definitely delivers the message to the “T”.

Do I have to say that the brand is Vodafone and the ad agency is O&M.

“Dono ki beech me nikaal” – “Pull it out between the two”

I know what you guys are thinking…..

Agency: O & M

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