Tata Crucible, one of the biggest and prestigious business quizzes is back for this season . I think they will end up adding all the states, union territories and villages too :p

You can find the further information, registration and venue details in http://www.tatacrucible.com. The Chennai regional round will be on September 10, 2011.

By the way I have a wonderful track record in Tata Crucible, I have never qualified for the quiz regional finals and worse is I have lost thrice in tie-breakers of regional prelims with honourable mentions. But I never stop preparing for these quizzes. So I am doing a count down prep quiz in this space

Will be adding one Tata crucible Special daily question from today. It may be helpful for you to prepare and for me to. Let’s see how it goes. Mostly it will be prelim level and so doing a google search will give you easy answers. I would suggest to attempt it sans googling

Here is the Day 58 question

This company was started by Eliphalet in the year 1816 to produce fire arms. It’s the oldest company US to produce their original product till now although they have diversified drastically in their business. But we know it for some other product they produce. Their original product has been incorporated in the national emblem of a country. Name the company.

Ans: Remington Arms. We know them as the producers of Remington Typewriters. To know more about Remington Arms, check the following link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Remington_Arms

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  1. it’s been a while!!!!

    Ans: Remington Arms. They still produce firearms but we know them more commonly to produce hair style products. Remington rifle have been incorporated into the flag and national emblem of Guatemala.

    Cheers & All the best for the Crucible…


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