I think a very long wait for the second post in the series. But it’s never late for a travel post to be put up. Hope you liked the first one about Beijing. If you have not read it, check it out here.

Next stop was Macau. I think this day had the horrible travel schedule in our whole trip. We had to start from Tibet Hotel, Beijing at around 4.30 AM in the morning to catch a early flight. Bejing Airport is huge and simply extravagant. I was smart enough to have the simple breakfast given by the hotel in the bus itself. Nobody in our group knew that we are going to be denied of a proper meal untill night.


Look at the Grandeur of Beijing Airport

After 3.5 hour flight to HongKong, we had to take a express ferry to Macau in Sea. The ferry trip is not so exciting, you can actually go for a short nap. You can definitely get a sample of what you are going to get in Macau when you see the ferry station. A giant LCD screen welcomes you to lose all your money in casinos. Macau is the Vegas of the east. It has only half the number of casinos but made more revenue than Vegas last year. Reason – the growing middle class of China and the never ending chinese desire to gamble. You can find innumerable chinese tourists all over the small casino town. Small, big, huge you can find casinos of all sorts. When we entered the bus from ferry station, heavens opened up to pour with vengeance. We reached the hotel around 4 and ended up without food. Ruckus started immediately with few of our companions vociferous in showing anger. The tour operator tried to pacify with Choco pies and it was indeed a blessing in disguise.

If you are single male and not with your family, dont sleep in Macau. Every nook and corner has a casino with high voltage clubbing. Even a week day is more entertaining than the Indian weekends. 24 hr massage parlors and strip clubs invite you to experience the sleazy side of Macau. If you dont have moral issues, Macau is the place to be. For the photographic mind, a night walk in to the casino streets is magical. Dont forget your tripod. Hmm do you want to know what i did all through the night? Somethings are better when it is not said 😉


Grand Lisboa - one of the world's largest casinos

The mornings are very pleasant in Macau but it grows to become hot and humid in the day. With the little time we had in the day, our group settled for a trip to St.Paul’s Cathedral and the Macau Tower. St.Paul’s Cathedral is not a complete church. It has only the ruins of the cathedral built by the Jesuits during the 1600s. The cathedral was the largest in Asia in its time. It got devastated by a fire during a typhoon in 1800s. Looking at the front facade, it should have been a magnificent piece of portuguese architecture.


Magnificent !!! Isn't she?

The new casino town and the old portuguese town are divided by a single tunnel. The contrast of architecture is fascinating. The Macau Tower represents the modern architecture. The Macau Skywalk tower is 338 meters tall with an highest observation deck at 233 meters. Its defintely not the tallest but the observation deck has transparent glass ceiling which takes your breath away when you first step on it. The view is breathtaking. If you are a adventure seeking soul, this place has the highest bungee jump in the world from AJ Hackett. But you need to spend atleast 1 hr for preparation.


The highest bungee in the World

You can also check the traditional A-Ma temple built for Goddess Matsu and The statue of Guan Yin ( my header image, like it?) – which is a blend of Bodhisattva Guan yin and Holy Mary.

Macau unlike other party centric areas in the world has something for everybody. It provides the fascination for every kind of traveller. A place of serenity, sleaze and surprises

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