All these years, there was something missing for the Chennai crowd and other metros had. Its the Chennai Half Marathon. Mumbai having its own, and almost a record number of participants this year. The Delhi was wonderful.

This half-marathon and the marathon culture is pretty new for Chennai. I think we had one in February, if I am not wrong. This Chennai Half-Marathon is actually a ‘Run for a cause’. The money collected from the run will be used for the education of under previleged children. A cause which I share by ideology. The Half-Marathon is organised by Marg Constructions and host of companies supporting it.

There are host of celebrities like Arya, Kanimozhi, Karthi Chidambaram etc., who are participating in the event. For more details and registration,

And of course, you have the one of the biggest prize money Rs.10 Lakhs.

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    The event seems exciting.


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