The Lyric Investigators are my friends who love Indian music. I helped them start their own blog few years back but the blog didn’t take off due to lack of patronage. So, I asked them whether they can write for me on my blog and they gladly obliged. The Lyric Investigators would like to stay anonymous because of obvious reasons. But, I hope they get the rightful reception that they didn’t receive in the previous stint. Here is the introduction post from them,

“One day, we had a conversation that went a bit like this:

A: I am listening to these lines:

Toone Deewana Dil Ko Banaaya
Is Dil Par Ilzaam Hai Kya
Saagar Jaisi Aankhon Vaali
Ye To Bataa Tera Naam Hai Kya…

B: Eyes like the ocean: saucers full of salt water. So: after spilling salted water everywhere, tell me your name so I know who to address the invoice to for the damage to my floors?

A: What about “Dil hai ki maanta nahin”?

B: Let’s see: because this is a heart, it doesn’t listen; the rites of love it doesn’t understand (because it is not a brain, taxed with comprehension)?

Which song should I apply my literalism to, next?

A: How about “Yeh Jo Mohabbat Hai from Kati Patang”?

B: This is love, whose only work is to die unnecessarily at innocuous stimuli such as a name. Having exhausted all energy in a mild case of death, it decides not to actually pursue the real person, leading to the suggestion that love is actually drunkenness or lust.

What had started out as an on the spur in-joke was slowly turning into a genuine desire to investigate what a dose of literalism applied to the song lyrics that are everywhere would reveal. We quickly realised that an industry which speaks entirely in purple turns of phrase, innuendo, and ‘catchy’ lyrics, irrespective of whether the words thrown into the mixture actually make any logical sense, was going to provide fertile pickings. And so, we are gleefully wading into the breach. recently had a joke which asked ‘what do you call an alligator in a vest? An in-vest-igator.’ That is the image we are starting from; we are the lyric in-vest-igators, snapping our jaws at whatever dangling similes and questionable hyperbole we can find. We hope you find our investigations as funny as we do.”

As the admin of Sylvianism, I extend a warm welcome to Lyric Investigators – expect some hilarious take downs of Hindi and Tamil lyrics 🙂

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