I was late to the quiz. I hated it as I never like to go to a quiz late. It’s all because of the invite which said 3.30. I was right in time for the wild card rounds ( there were 2 as there a lot of teams on same score). There was a team from Symbiosis Law School, Pune. They were allowed to participate from Chennai as they are going for official Geneva trip on Pune Round date.

I got only the final round questions and I hope someone posts the prelim. Forgive me for any spello errors. This is what I could get …

Wild Card 1

1. How does the world better know the Waterbury clock company?

2. Maheshwar Hydro Electric project is a diversification project of which textile major in India?

3. With which chocolate maker you will associate the tagline “the sweetest place on earth”

4. Found in 1907 by Eugene Schuler -Loreal

5. Which auto major is a major investor in Juventus?

6. Which organisation known for pioneering industrial standards was started in Feb. 1947 I. Geneva


Tie Breaker

One Italian word for maker of coffee – Barista

Wild Card Round 2

1. Not in the business of publication – who publishes Brew Print – Barista again ( back to back)

2. RS Owens & Company – Oscar Statuttes

3. Your lungs, your heart, your legs, your will. Running isn’t a team sport – Adline for what ?

4. Forever. New Frontiers – Boeing

5. Whole world steps asidefor thean who knows his way- Johnny Walker

6. Dev Karan Nanji – Dena Bank

Tie Breaker

First of their creation was Vasar – Wrigleys


1. Deepak and Avinash – College of Engg
2. Vijay & Srinivas – KCG Tech
3. Chinmay & Karthik – IIT Doms
4. Sathyathi Shekar & Francis Anto – Loyola
5. Manikandan & Kashyap – Vivekananda
6. Sachin & Raghav – Symbiosis Law School

Round 1 – Let’s Toss

1. Theory propagated by a famous business leader during his tenure at GE called One-Two theory of Mgmt. Who and explain?

Jack Welch – if GE is not in number 1 or number 2 – they will exit the business

2. This term coined by Gifferd and Elizabeth gives the description of an employee who contributes to the business success of the organisation and innovation culture. – intrapreneur

3. Term was coined in 18th century – comes from the French word of quarter master – extensively used in military management – logistics

4. Believed and accepted to be first done by Simon Stevin from Belgium as early as 16th century -called it as “the Fair statement”
Balance Sheet

5. 1955- directors of this company thought that the length of the name was longer – so they had an acronym TTK – then they changed to a name of Latin origins to make a short and crisp name


6. Originally a term – become a theory – evolved in to a human behaviour – now a pre requisite in an organisation – Developed by Ivel Murell in UK 1949 – encompasses human interaction along with technology – ergonomics

Round 2 – Stumpvision

1. Visual of Nicola Tesla
2. Use a stop sign to start something – adline – Tata Jagriti Yatra
3. Cycle Agarbathis Logo
4. Pioneer Car Stereo Ad
5. Color Next – lead free India – Asian Paints
6. A lady’s Photo – significance of this millionaire – First millionaire in Second Life

Tata World

1. Adjudged the best ecommerce company in 2009 – mjunction – metal junction
2. Capex award winner for export and imports – Tata Refractory
3. Doctorate Funding program – TCS
4. Partnered with Wildlife Trust of India to free the forests from chemicals – Tata Chemicals

Third umpire

Connect – Sisley,Paris – Rugby – a video ad – United Colors of Benetton

Connect – Pokkiri Song – Indus league – Cosmos – Dove logo – Future Group

Connect – Nutrine, Ballot Box, Hrithik Roshan, Star Spangled Banner – Godrej

Connect – Argos, Crossword, Timezone and Shoppers Stop ad – Raheja Group

Slog Overs

Clue 1: Pic-famous owner of this corporation – quite a threat and security for us

Clue 2: prime suppliers to US Army

Clue 3: Logo


Clue 1: Tea Mails

Clue 2: International ethical tea practioners association

Clue 3: Associated British Products Plc


Clue 1: Peachpit Press

Clue 2: BBC Active

Clue 3: Longman


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