Ask the value of not pressing a buzzer, JK and DP will tell you. Ask the value of pressing the buzzer at the right time – Venkatesh and Shubam will tell you. Ask the value of one question – three teams including mine will tell you.

Back from the Tata Crucible Chennai Edition and Chennai proved once again why it’s the toughest quizzing destination in India. The prelim was tricky as usual and it was touch and go for most of the teams.

2 teams missing out in Tata track and it was simply battle royale between two TCS teams ( Siddharth’s Tean and JK’s Team). If BILT was a cracker from Siddharth, Jyothi Laboratories from JK equalled it.. At last it has to end in a tie-break rightly so. Siddharth and Sri Hari will be representing the Tata track from chennai and tough luck JK

3 Teams missed out in Non-Tata Track including mine ( Thanks Aparna, we did a good job but not enough), Yaggyand Karthi (Infosys) and KalaiSelvam’s team ( ASAP Productions). Tough luck guys. The finalists are Venkatesh ( Aka Matti) and Shubam Roy ( Cognizant), Ramkumar Shankar and Deepesh ( Sanmar), team from Irevna Research, Sivaraman and Samit Kaul ( Cognizant), Vishwajeeth and Rohit Jain ( IBM), Kiran and Srinivas (Wipro).

Although Venkatesh was cursing himself for missing Cycle Agarbathis, they scored some crackers in the second round. I havent’s figured out till no how Ramkumar cracks these questions with spinning stories – Yahoo was wonderful. But they will definitely curse themselves for answering Portugese for the currency question and Venkatesh lapped it up because we asked the same question in our India Quiz, a year back. Of course, he was part of the research team. Vishwajeeth missed out on Nokia, which he should have cracked knowing his calibre. I think what separated the first team from the rest was the question they answered in the last round on Ronnie Screwala – although i cracked it from the audience, I would not have pressed the buzzer if i was in the stage. Guys, you thoroughly deserve the crown. The runner ups were decided on tie-breaks. Painfully, once again Ramkumar and Deepesh have to be with the runner-up crown. All the best for next year

It was a wonderful quiz altogether with Giri in his usual self and with some fantastic questions. That Amul poppet girl was certainly question of the day.  Hats of Venkatesh and Shubam for winning the quiz, bring back the crown to Chennai on October 4th.

One irking fact was  that the organisers should have thought about the demand of quizzing in Chennai. A whole lot of people had to stand and witness the whole quiz because of the lack of space. I dunno how they could even think of such a small hall for a quiz of that order in Chennai.  I think its because of the postponement. Taj Coromandel would have been better. We understand but Guys we fill up the Chinmaya Auditorium for every Tata Crucible quiz and of course what else you can expect from the Quizzing Capital of India….

Prelims Questions and Answers

1. Joe is the logo of the company – tagline is “Change your body, change your life”?

2. Barilla an italian company is the world’s largest maker of what?

3. Indian arm of which consulting firm was started in calcutta in 19th century by WA Brown and Marc

4. Vineet Nayar’s Pic

5. Patented in 1949 as a classifying apparatus used for article classification through the medium of identifying patterns

6. 1904 – started from the parent – monkey brand of soaps – name synonymous – force and vigour

7. What is LUP in the packaging world ?

8. Deccan chronicle hoarding in chennai

9. Condition of flowing – Latin word – in the world of finance

10. Four Armenian sarkies brothers – hotel in South Asia – light of the south ?

11. Aura – 1.11 Lakh phone – which mobile manufacturer

12. is the marketing campaign from which snack bar manufacturer ?

13. Life the great challenge – marketing campaign – world’s biggest jigsaw puzzle from which unilever beverage brand

14. United India Assurance logo

15. Ellen Kullman is the first woman CEO of which 200 year old company

16. Which former ICICI employee has been inducted in to the Infosys board

17. What’s the low cost airline of Jet called – started in May 2009

18. Adamo is a laptop from which computer manufacturer

19. Magcloud is a cloud sourcing for publishing your own magazines – started by which computer giant

20. Keep riding is the tag line for the new ad campaign from which comeback automobile manufacturer in India

21. Who owns the patent of Leonardo Da Vinci – and related funda
Bill Gates

22. Question on Hamburger University

23. Born in 10 Downing Street, later sent to India for governing the Indian authorities – chennai landmark named after him –

24. Nescafe audio

25. Dinamalar video ad


1. Gold’s Gym
2. Pastas
3. PWC
4. Vineet Nayar
5. Bar Code
6. Vim
7. Low Unit Packing
8. Deccan Chronicle
9. Currency
10. Raffles, Singapore
11. Motorola
12. Perk
13. Lipton
14. United India Assurance
15. Dupont
16. KV Kamath
17. Jet Konnect
18. Dell
19. HP
20. Royal Enfield
21. Bill Gates
22. Hamburger University
23. Lord Rippon – rippon building
24. Nescafe
25. Dinamalar

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