A relief on a Sunday with a nice quiz. A tough prelims, giving the Chennai Quizzers a wonderful exercise of minds. Even more tougher, nicely fought finals (both the tracks). I think the way it goes the quizzes will shrink in size ( like Cricket is shrinking). It would have been better if there has been more rounds.


1. Which F1 team that later became Renault F1 and with which Michael Schumacher win his first Championship?


2. Which sports good company started in 1887 and a subsidiary of K2 Sports is the official ball supplier of Major League Baseball?


3. Famous Ad Campaign – Pic – ” You Shouldn’t need support to move”?

Calcium Sandoz

4. Which American pop Singer has a record label call Jay Tee Records?

Justin Timberlake

5. In tyre industry, what are OTR Tyres?

Off the Road

6. In moving and packaging industry, what are PBOs?

Packed by Owner

7. Which automobile launched in India in 2007 and was developed as Project X90 in Romania?


8. Which Major magazine launched a initiative called “Red Stripes” to start new business units?

The Economist

9. Which popular American TV Series ended with a dialogue “Goodbye, Farewell and Amen”?


10. What first appeared on Dec 6th 1768, ( a long question) ?

Encylcopedia Brittanica

11. Pic of Noel Tata

12. What special loan will be given by the bank started by Adeshwar Puri?

Art Bank for loans to rent paintings and artefacts

13. Which state govt. has started Roots Norka initiative for their non- resident population?


14. Which state decided to mark a yellow strip on all houses below poverty line?


15. Logo of Ingersol Rand

16. Which Indian state has become a big exporter of roses on brand names like Cherry lady, circus, corvette and White Cloud?


17. Which chennai automobile giant exhibited iBus, a hybrid bus variety?

Ashok Leyland

18. According to statistician Aaron Levenstein ” Statistics are like _______ , they hide the essentials but reveal the interesting?


19. A quote on negotiation. Which Great film had this quote?

God father

20. The Yandaboo treaty gave British to annex what in 1826, which was turn in to agricultural estate of tea?


21. What was the old Name of Lenovo?

Legend Computers

22. Whose campaign is Korbo Lorbo Jeetbo?

Kolkata Knight Riders

23. The importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future. – Which famous economist’s quote?

John Maynard Keynes

24. Nokia – Ad

25. Parle G Ad


Round I –  Only the Paranoid Survive

1. This convention is not so popular in India.It is not currently practiced in India. When it was implemented, it was during war years. It was started by William Willet in the year 1904. Useful during teleconferencing..

Day Light Saving Time

2. This is how they used to keep accounts in the medieval period. Its essentially made of wood. They split the wood vertically. One half is kept by the borrower and the other by the lender. How do we know this popularly in the world of software.


3. Peter Minuit bought something from the native Indians worth 60 guilders?


4. In the construction Industry, its a collection of 6 companies, one of them was Bechtel. They essentially became 6 companies inc. to build what?

Hoover Dam

5. 24th May 2004, on the 160th Anniversary of Morse Code, something was added as a tribute?

@ Symbol

6. In the world of Stephen King, who are “Dollar Babies”?

The film Makers to whom he sold his rights for the books at $1

Round 2 – Horizons – Buzzer

1. Their new positioning “Engineering Creativity” and they are in to visual computing.

Tata Elxsi

2. ISP business of Tata TeleServices – Tata Nova

3. This Tata was a great fan of hockey – Naval Tata

4. Watwala – JV of Tata Tea in which country- Sri Lanka

Round 3 – Built to Last – Crosswords

1. This group owns the Necker Isalnds , a holiday distination for couples


2. If you are able, you will love


3. Explore more is the tagline after they were continously blocked by Discovery Channel


4. A Idea that took us over.


5. Leading Innovation – Toshiba

6. A typo in the application for rights. COKEH20


Round 4: Straight From the Gut- Buzzer – Visuals

1. B-Active – Mother Dairy

2. Good to Great , Author – Jim Collins

3. Pic of Ronnie Screwala

4. Is she a bengali? Campaign – Brooke Bond Red label

Round 5: Business at the Speed of Thought

1. Which Network’s tagline – Enable.Enlighten.Entertainment


2. My Predecessor is Kiran Karnik – Som Mittal

3. Dynatec – First Mobile Phone from Motorola

4. Which Platform did Tanishq chose to promote their Bridal wear?

Jodha Akbar

Winners : Siddharth and Sri hari ( TCS)

Runners: JayaKanthan and Devi Prasad ( TCS) … All were TCS teams on Stage.


Round 1: Business Horizons

1. Anna Jarvis started this campaign and was so disturbed when the concept was made commercial. She tried to copy right the concept but ended up without success. Its considered to be one of the most popular days for dining out in US and Europe.

Mother’s Day

2. This was created by a Royal Charter on 30 Dec 1697 by King James II by the advise of British East India company to have a Fort and a town not more than 10 Mile surroundings. This was instituted on Sep 29, 1668 when Aldemen then Mayor of the Town took oath.

Chennai Corporation

3. This firm wanted panelists – Single, married and Couples to ” Come out and Tell us the truth ” campaign. they were used as panel of testers and conisdered to be path breaking.

Durex Condoms

4. This started as a debate in a symposium held at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. Some of the speakers were Condellezza Rice and Mario Kuvo. What concept , sponsored by a Magazine?

Time’s list of Most Influential People

5. What is a Reverse Merger?

A listed company acquiring a Unlisted company in order to make it listed automatically

6. What is a 419 Fraud?

Nigerian Email Scam

Round 2: Nano Games – Buzzer

1. HQ of Jv between Tata Power and BP Solar – Bangalore

2. Tata Indica in London – Rover

3. To bring quality knowledge , Tata tied up with Publishing House – Mcgraw Hill

4. Tata Tele – CDMA- First introduced in which state? Andhra Pradesh

Round 3 : Lateral Thoughts

( Guys I am giving all the clues based on the answers. In reality it was tough to identify things)

1. Connect Song from Goal, Ryan Giggs, Adi Dassler ( Pic) and two other – Reebok

2. Connect ARM, Leap Frog, Barso Re ( Guru SOng), Green Finder – Blackberry

3. Connect Gitanjali, Solitaire, Lamhe, Cheeni Kum Song, I think its either Minisha Lamba or Kamna Jethmalani – D’Damas

4. Connect J.Hampstead, Pond’s, Hero Honda and Pepsi – Priyanka Chopra

5. Connect Maurice Greenberg, ILFC, The Strength to be there, Man U Song – AIG

6. Hooglee, Knight’s Picture, HDIL, Nokia – Kolkata Knight Riders.

Round 4: Code Busters ( Buzzer)

1.Suzuki             Unesco                 Religare          SamSonite

K-2                  C-2                      G+2                  T-3


2. Dockers          No Fear                Zodiac            BMW

K+2                R-1                      C-1                W-1


3. Mahindra        VIP                        MRF               Compaq

A-1                V+1                    F-1                  A-4


4. Disney           Skoda                   Lacoste           Playstation

D+2               A-2                      C-1                    A-2


Round 5: Crucible Quotient – 3 Clues

1. This is a product from a 200 crore Giant from Chennai – A Tamil Root word for Enjoy

2. Saravana Stores

Ans: Jamaai

1954, Omaha Nebraska. In the Board of Con- Agra Foods

Champion Conservationist – written books Balancong Earth’s Resources…

Eldest son of Warren Buffet. Named after his grand father – Howard Buffet and Teacher Benjamin Graham

Howard Graham Buffett

Setup in 1951 in Chennai as a accessory supplier to Swiss Elevator Manufacturing Corporation.

Started by Pandit Nehru in 1955 in Perambur with over 10,000 Employees


Tie Break for the 1st Place: This from world of Microsoft acquired from Fore Thought Inc.


Winners: Rajan Prabu and G.Swaminathan ( Citibank)

Runners: Ramakrishnan and Lakshmi Narayanan ( KPMG)

Two glitches ( not regarding to the contents of the quiz):

1. The amount of time the teams were made to wait. They said the registration will start at 3 and it started at 3.30 (almost). The teams were made to fry out in the humid place outside the audi

2. The amount of mails that spammed my mail id from tatacruciblecorporatequizz@gmail.com. I got two mails every day for the past week and I even sent  mail back saying ‘I have already registered. Please Stop’. It continued the next day. Common guys one remainder is enough.

That’s it…So let us see who becomes the National Champion

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  1. Hey,
    Was just googling and found this update. Awesome for someone to have it up so soon and note all of them. I was there as well, I am not a regular quizzer like you seem to be, infact very new to chennai.

    I agree it was a great Sunday evening. It is truly like one day cricket and what a close finish. This is no review but I actually thought Cognizant or KPMG will win and Citi did. I agree there could be more rounds atleast 2 more. I wonder how a reputed QM like this can get it so wrong. His final (24Qns) was shorter than his prelim (25Qns).

    Having said that I really liked the quality and standard Pickbrain set and having seen many quizzes from the back benches, at Delhi and Pune i think Chennai rocks and i shall remain where i am (ha ha).

    Will sure revisit your blog more often.


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  3. Hi
    We can visualize how tough it would have been in the stage
    Thank you for the Q & A
    S Anand

    PS:- when we click your website, it leads to someother…website…
    which is baffling….


  4. @ Rajamani

    Thanks for the Comment. I felt the same too,he could have made it little bit longer. May be one or two rounds with proper dry questions. And with the quality of teams Chennai produces, its tough here man

    @ S.Anand

    Thanks for your comment. And may I know where it leads to. I like to correct it, if something is wrong with the link.


  5. Hi Patrick

    the problem is sylviani sm.

    there is a gap in the website address in every mail you have sent to us
    as mentioned above..

    if you click it, that leads to ……..

    would suggest you to type the website address without any gaps.

    thanks and regards
    S Anand


  6. Hi Patrick, I would be referring your review on Bustle and TCB in the IQL blog.

    Thanks for the good write-ups.



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