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power pandi review

Three 3 Star Reviews – Movie Review of Maanagaram, 8 Thottakal & Power Pandi

I strive to watch movies in the first week and write reviews, but sometimes it doesn’t work out the way I plan. The last few weeks, I couldn’t see the...

/ May 4
bogan tamil movie review

Movie Review : Bogan – Limited Pleasures

The first scene of any movie is important as it sets the tone of the film. The best example that I could think of is Indian (Tamil), when an old...

/ February 4
uriyadi review

Movie Review: Uriyadi – One Good Shot

The tax rebate for U certificate movies has created a huge problem for Tamil movie directors. They are not prepared to show raw emotions on screen. Be it love, sex...

/ June 1
Veedu movie

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 32 – Veedu

My first brush with Veedu was really funny. I saw it probably when I was 10 or so on National Television. It was one of the most iconic scenes in...

/ April 5
mouna raagam

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 30 – Mouna Raagam

There are only few movies that become a cultural icon for generations. When a movie is slated in that list, the people anticipate it to have a path breaking story...

/ November 12
Thaneer Thanneer

50 Tamil movies to watch before you die – 27 – Thanneer Thanneer

Update: There has been a claim regarding one of the trivia posted. The claim has been made by producer’s daughter (see Facebook comments at the bottom). I have updated her...

/ February 17
I tamil movie review

Movie Review: I – Beauty without soul

Shankar’s movies are supposed to be extravagant. Hideously fantastic that will make your jaw drop on every visual he makes. Tamil audiences are quite used to stereotype the actors. But...

/ January 22
50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die

50 Tamil movies to watch before you Die – 26 – Moondram Pirai

Some movies stand out because of performances. Some movies impress you because of the screenplay and direction. Some might bowl you over with cinematography. This movie will baffle you because...

/ January 13
Kaththi movie review

Movie Review: Kaththi – Who’s the hero?

I have given up on reviewing Tamil movies, but sometimes it pains a lot to see how even media reviewers are swayed by sentiments that are totally against the ideals...

/ October 25
Yamiruka Bayamey Movie Review Yamirukka Bayamey Movie Review

Movie Review: Yamirukka Bayamey – This horror will make you laugh

It would not have been an easy job for a new director like Deekay to debut on an untouched genre in Tamil cinema. Horror comedies are nothing new to world...

/ May 13