I have the least of expectations when it comes toast Hari’s movie. The last time I saw his movie in theater was Kovil and my respect on his movies was already up in the air.

My friends are in murderous best, as I killed with them Kola Kolaya mundhirikka (the review – next post), they decided to make me pay for it. After a mediocre dinner at Buhari, we were seated exactly on time for the movie. When the movie started with Prakash Raj (antagonist), I just had a spark that Hari has changed his ways. Exactly in the second scene, the spark fizzled out like Yousuf Pathan’s Batting.

This movie is a piece of #%^* (fill up the blanks with whatever four letter bad word you like). A few of my friends argue that it’s masala commercial flick, so you can’t expect more. No I don’t expect more, I just expect it to be a little bit believable and more enjoying. There are 100s of examples for perfect masala flicks, from Sagalakala Vallavan to Murattu Kaalai. Kaakhi Sattai to Baasha – you enjoy every moment of it. The so called masala flicks in the recent years are boring with long recycled dialogues, crappy comedy and extremely over the top hero worshiping.

As for the story of Singam, it’s nothing much to brag about. Durai Singam (Surya) is a upright sub-inspector from Nallur, a small village in Thoothukudi District has a spat with Mayilvaganan (Prakash Raj) when he is ordered by the court to sign in bail in Durai Singam’s station. Mayilvaganan is a dada who controls Chennai and also makes money by kidnapping children of big shots. In between Durai Singam falls in love with Kavya ( Anushka Shetty). Mayilvaganan transfers Durai Singam to Chennai in order to torture him and take his happiness. Eventually Durai Singam comes out victorious at the end.

I dunno why Surya needs such movies in his list when his good movies speak for his talent. He dances well, prances with Anushka, delivers lengthy punch dialogues and stays stylish but if you ask me whether this movie is going to elevate him as an actor – a big “NO”. Prakash Raj is convincing as the baddie but he is there only to get beaten up (of course). Atleast the director was magnanimous enough to give the heroine a scene to inspire the hero to fight when he loses confidence. He was not so magnanimous with Manorama, Nasser and Radha Ravi – why does he need these talents in his movie and waste them? Anushka is as pretty as ever- she even oozes beauty in salwars and Vivek’s comedy track was a dampener – recycling the old movies and dialogues with sexual innuendos in every scene – he has became crappier than ever. Except for one song Devi Sri Prasad is mediocre and the background score is loud, and the lion’s roar every now and then is too much to handle. The camera work (Priyan) is apt and the editor could have used his instruments in the first half (VT Vijayan). The stunt director  (Rocky Rajesh) is the spoiler of the whole movie – overboard with lion’s roar, Ratchagan style fire rising in the hands of the hero, flying cars, pole breaking what not. Uff, get over with it guys…Please

Coming back to the director, Hari had never changed his formula from Saamy, from the title card where his name comes near temple doom he recycles his scenes, dialogues and formulae. Sometimes with the same actors you feel whether we are sitting in one of his old movies ( I think Sumithra has the same red saree from Saamy and Arul days). Abracadabra, you ask for a song you get it, you ask for a fight, you will have it. The story travels in the same old dreaded path and you are forced to sit through a boring roller coaster ride. When the Tamil moviedom is moving to better pastures with new directors and world class movies, it’s painful to see such directors wasting money, time and energy of good actors and technicians. I am not against masala movies as long as I can enjoy those few hours in a movie theater. I would be happy if someone breaks this jinx in Tamil movies and can do a Vishal Bharadwaj (Kaminey) to bring back the golden masala 90s back

PS: On the hind sight, I wouldn’t blame these film makers as I saw one middle aged man sitting behind our seats laughing for all crappy jokes of Vivek and a whole set of youngsters howling at top of their voice. Have we corrupted the movie appreciating capabilities of Tamil audience???\

Cast: Surya Sivakumar, Anuskha Shetty, Prakash Raj, Nasser, Radha Ravi, Manorama, Vijaya Kumar, Bose Venkat

Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematographer: Priyan

Story (!), Screenplay (!) and Direction (!!): Hari

Rating : 1/5 – Watch it if you money and time to waste

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  1. thats why i can watch it online . its not worth paying money for this flicks. i second your opinion bro


  2. Best is to avoid such films enmasse ….


    1. As a movie lover, i don't stop believing the directors. Just expect them to repay the confidence of the ardent movie goers – on the other end the average tamil fan's taste has corrupted to an extent that such movies are still making it to the theaters


  3. Thats why I never watch tamil movies 🙂


    1. Karthik, there are good movies in Tamil too. If you take the ratio of good to bad movies in any movie industry – it will be the same 🙂


  4. Atleast, it was better than Vijay's movies.

    And there's this part in all commercial Tamil movies that suck.

    The heroines make such a fuss when somone strips her dupatta off , but wears a bikini for the song that follows ? Honestly, WTF ??


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