What’s the easiest way to do a movie about India? Take a book about India, add scenes from Salaam Bombay, Black Friday, Mani Ratnam’s Bombay, City of God ( exactly in the same order) end it up with SRK type final scene in the railway station . Ahmm, forgot you should go back

I don’t think I should elaborate the plot. It’s discussed in length and breadth in lot of forums. You can see it here in wiki.

Let’s come to the review. The lead actors have done their part well. Anil and Irfan was simply superb. But the best of the lot is the younger Jamal, who steals your heart. I wouldn’t deny that the movie was enjoyable but even all other masala movies of India are enjoyable.

I could not understand why people make analogies with the other classics like City of Gods and Children of Heaven. May be because it took inspiration (copy?) from some shots of these movies. The Mumbai riot scene with the back ground score sounded very similar to Bombay.

I don’t understand the Golden globes and Oscar nominations for this movie. The back ground score was not even up to the standard of what ARR can do. The only award it deserves is the best screenplay award as he has made a believable screen play on a unbelievable story line.

Above all, I have my reservations on the plot. I accept there are in numerous slums, people living in extreme poverty, fighting for their daily life, mafias, terrorists but these make up only one side of the true India. There is another side of the middle class India, which buoys the economy of this country.

Danny Boyle why couldn’t you think of a movie on the 80+ young man, born in a minority community, lived in a big family with no money, became the leading scientist of India and eventually the people’s president.

Why can’t you think of that cheeky eyed, soft spoken young man from the suburbs of Mumbai, who changed the way cricket was played, who is the only uniting force of billions of Indians and still be humble about it.

Why can’t you think of that man who created an empire out of nothing with only dreams to ponder.

Is it because you can’t hype it up to get an Oscar or Golden globe? My earnest request to all those Anglo Indian authors, movie makers,don’t give a one sided portrayal of India to the world. India’s world is so enormous and diversified. Don’t make movies just because you want awards.

I felt so hurt when my friend in a foreign country asked me “is this real India, which they show in these movies?”
I was dumbfounded.

If such a bad movie like Slumdog gets an oscar, I could say only one thing to D: “it’s written”.

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  1. Very Genuine Review. and i would totally agree on the back ground score part, when a movie is hit its associated departments also get hit. SM is a typical example, Rahman is much more capable of what he has created for this movie. But what ever, at end of the day, we must be proud when an Indian gets an Oscar 🙂


  2. Thanks Mohan but i would not be happy if he gets the Oscar for this….;)


    1. Hmmm.. Havent you seen Naan Kadavul??? You can see some real stuff there , Terrific Background score… by Raaja Sir. May be you should blog about that movie.


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