If I was Collingwood, I would want to shoot down the Indian media, come on guys give some credit to the England Team, they played good cricket and exposed the ‘short’ comings of the Indian Cricket Team.

I am happy that this reality check came in for the Indian Team in T20 and not in a important ODI or Test Series.

Dhoni was riding on the team built by Ganguly and Dravid over the years. He was given the best Indian team in a platter (the same as Australian Team – given by Steve Waugh to Ponting). I am speaking only about ODI and Test Matches. This will continue for even some more years because the cricketing greats of India (Sachin, Dravid and Laxman) have some years of cricket left in them.

The T20 format was different. Initially it was seen as mad hitting format and slowly after few tournaments the madness has paved way for some good strategic batting and bowling. I would say IPL 2.0 has changed the way T20 dramatically because it had showed the success of more experienced cricketers like Kallis, Gilchrist, Hayden and Dravid. The pitches were slow and bumpy which led to the failures of some of the young Indian cricketers (who according to me or technically flawed)

Let’s analyse the T20 world cup… The practice matches and the group stages were cake walks except NZ match ( blame it on ICC, they wanted good TRPs and they will get only from Indian Matches). Cometh the super 8s and the technical flaws of Indian Team were exposed.

1. Let’s face it. The Indian batsmen have become extremely bad players of short balls. It’s England and it’s winter, you will have balls bouncing and seaming. I dunno how they thought they can hit cross batted slogs to counter short balls. Don’t they know there are shots like pull, hook and upper cuts (mastered by Sachin in recent times) ? Where were the practice matches? Both Windies and English bowlers used the conditions to the fullest extent…

2. If this is the team which is going to replace the current test greats, you would see Indian team murdered in Lords, Oval, Perth, Durban etc.,

3. Tactical mistakes – leaving out Irfan who was swinging the ball better than others and Ojha, who was successful in taking wickets. But it’s the decision of the captain to choose his best team.

4. Merry go around shopping trip of Indian Team ahead of the crucial match. I would have seen Sachin and Dravid practicing the short pitched balls in the nets if they had perished in the previous match. We have heard stories about Sachin who practiced continuous 5 hrs to tackle Giles’ negative line bowling. They are greats because they diligently practiced.

4. The pathetic piece of trash from Indian media trying to poke Dhoni in every press conference. If he doesn’t want anybody in Team, it’s his decision. Give him the team he wants and if you think you are better of in that, why can’t you guys take the captaincy of Indian Team ? Let Boria Majumdar and that piece of trash from Headlines Today take up the captaincy and win it for India. Already these people want Dhoni out of captaincy. Who gave you the right to arrive at that decision first? They did it to Sachin when he was a captain now they are doing it for Dhoni.

What’s the way ahead?

As I said, I am happy that this reality check happened in the right time and it was a T20 tournament. It’s right time to get back to the basics of cricket. Start playing some good cricket rather cross bat hits, go back to proper net practices and make the most of the time given to you before the tough series of West Indies ( not because of the team but because of the conditions).

Dhoni will be our captain and we will back the team in whatever situation they are in. This is the most important time that we should back them up. They are world beaters and they have the potential to become No.1… Just a small short coming and they will come overcome it…after all Cricket is not a sport for us it’s a way of living.

PS: To all those useless Indian media ” Shut up or we would shut you up”

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  1. Devi John June 16 at 9:01 am

    Its a very good article from a true Indian who worships cricket…. It makes so much sense…. totally!!

    Hail India!! Hail Indian Cricket!!


  2. Awesme our media is really becming scrappy for making sensational news of nothing………………


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