As we are nearing the end of February, I am moving towards the popular love songs and this is one of my favourites when it comes to a song that describes a dream girl.

கண்ணோரம் ஆயிரம் காதல் கதை பேசுவாள்
முந்தானை சோலையில் தென்றலுடன் பேசுவாள்
ஆகாய மேகம் ஆகி ஆசை தூறல் போடுவாள்
நீரோடை போல நாளும் ஆடி பாடி போடுவாள்

Rajakumaran was the 100th movie of Prabhu that was launched with huge fanfare but didn’t do well as expected. This was Nadhiya’s last movie before she took a hiatus. RV Udhayakumar was one of the successful directors in Tamil cinema as he worked with every star of the 90s in a short period of time and most of his movies were box office hits.

Song Ennavendru Solvathamma
Movie Rajakumaran (1994)
Director RV Udhayakumar
Singers SP Balasubramaniam
Actors Prabhu, Nadhiya, Meena
Lyricist RV Udhayakumar
Video Thumbnail ennavendru solvathamma
Ennavendru Solvathamma
Ennavendru Solavathamma is one of the sweetest songs that describes a dream woman and is from Rajakumaran. The movie was directed by RV Udhayakumar.

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