Tamil films sometimes come up with outrageous concepts, En Jeevan Paaduthu is nothing short of craziness. A college student inspired by the poems of another college student falls in love with him. The only problem – he is not alive. The song is like an invocation asking him to reveal himself from the dead.

Song Ore Murai Un Dharisanam
Movie En Jeevan Paaduthu (1988)
Director R.Sundarrajan
Singers S Janaki
Actors Karthik, Saranya
Lyricist Panju Arunachalam
Video Thumbnail ore murai un dharisanam
Ore Murai Dharisanam - En Jeevan Paaduthu
How about a song that invokes a person from the dead - Not for evil motives but for love? Ore mural un dharisanam from En Jeevan Paaduthu

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