Aduthathu Albert is one of those movies that had an interesting take on inter-religious love story. Prabhu’s sister and Oorvasi’s brother (who are from different religions) fall in love and commit suicide due to the stubbornness of their parents. In order to teach a lesson to their parents, Prabhu and Oorvasi act as if the spirits of the dead lovers on them. The song should have romance and at the same time it should eerie – who better than Ilaiyaraaja could have delivered this brilliant song.

Song Idhayame Naalum Ennalum
Movie Aduthathu Albert (1985)
Director GN Rangarajan
Singers Malaysia Vasudevan, S Janaki
Actors Prabhu, Oorvasi
Video Thumbnail Idhayame Naalum
Idhayame Naalum - Aduthathu Albert
Idhayame Naalum from Aduthathu Albert is a mix of romance and eeriness as it is supposedly a duet between two spirits residing inside the bodies of two humans.

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