Ilaiyaraaja has this notorious luck – some of his brilliant compositions never made it to the screen or public viewing. The most important one is his Symphonic Work in 5 movements with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (wish it gets released some day). He scored music for a documentary titled India 24 hours in 1995. There are themes from this album that are scattered around YouTube and complete album is up for download in some illegal websites. But I have no other information from this documentary, it has some scintillating themes. I have tried to compile a few here. Wish I could see the documentary.




Listen to the complete album in the following link

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  1. ionhandshaker December 6 at 11:40 am

    Great job with the blog. I am looking for some information on this performance. (Ullukulla Chakaravarthi from Panakkaran)

    Google says the singer is Ed Miller, a Scottish singer. Is that right? When was it performed? How did Ullukulla Chakaravarthy end up being performed there? (The title says Scotland and a Scottish flag is being waved there, but are we sure?) Anything that you could share on this song would be great.


    1. Sylvian

      Thanks for your comment. You are right, the performance was not made by Ed Miller but Pascal Heni – his stage name is Pascal of Bollywood. He performs Bollywood, Tamil and Bengali songs.

      Here is his wikipedia link –

      And here he is performing Roop Ki Rani, Choran Ka Raja –


      1. ionhandshaker December 9 at 10:44 am

        Thanks for answering. Another question. Do you know of any collaboration between Ilaiyaraaja and MS Subbulakshmi? Was any song that she sung later recomposed by him?



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