I would call 1988 to 1994 as the golden period of Vijayakanth. He acted in 41 movies in that period, and a majority of them were hit. This is the time he moved on from Anti-establishment movies to pro-establishment and worked in “Police” roles. But he also made sure that he worked in different genres – and Paatukku Oru Thalaivan is a romantic musical that became a huge hit. And Ilaiyaraaja’s songs were one of the biggest reasons for it.

Ninaithathu Yaaro is one of the most popular songs of the late 80s. A lilting duet based on

பூவிழி மூட முடியவும் இல்லை
மூடிய போது விடியவும் இல்லை
கடலை தேடும் காவிரிப்போல்
கலந்திடவேண்டும் உன் மடிமேல்

Song Ninaithathu Yaaro
Movie Paatukku Oru Thalaivan (1989)
Director Liaquat Ali Khan
Singers Mano, Jikki
Actors Vijayakanth, Shobana
Lyricist Gangai Amaren
Video Thumbnail ninaithathu yaaro
Ninaithathu Yaaro
Ninaithathu Yaaro from Paatukku Oru Thalaivan is a lilting melody sung by Mano and Jikki. Projekt Ilaiyaraaja is a 365 day project of posting Ilaiyaraaja songs.

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