When Prakash Raj started directing, he went to Ilaiyaraaja to support his stories and their collaboration has given us some wonderful music (3 movies so far). It’s also wonderful to note that as a producer he didn’t force his choices on directors like Radha Mohan because Vidysagar scored the music for most of Radha Mohan’s music.

Un Samayal Arayil/Oggarane/Ulavacharu Biriyani is a trilingual remake of Salt ‘n’ Pepper, a Malayalam movie. The title song of the movie should make people understand that the movie is about food and songs each language celebrates the food culture of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh/Telengana respectively. Even the video is interspersed with specific food stuff mentioned in the song along with common footage for all three languages.

At first, I wasn’t convinced with choice of Kailash Kher but when I listened to the song, his voice gave a different taste to the song. Watch in your favourite language but if you are a foodie, watch all the songs, you wil not regret it. And at the same time, if you visit a restaurant because of the song, I am not responsible for the bill 😉

Song Intha Porapputhan/Ee Janumave/Ee Janmame
Movie Un Samayal Arayil/Oggarane/Ulavacharu Biriyani (2014)
Director Prakash Raj
Singers Kailash Kher
Actors Prakash Raj, Sneha
Lyricist Pazhani Bharathi/Jayant Kalkini/Chandrabose

Intha Porapputhan – Tamil Version

Video Thumbnail intha porapputhan
Intha Porappu Than
Intha Porappu Than/En Janumave/Ee Janmame is the title song of Un Samyal Arayil/Oggarane/Ulavacharu Biriyani directed by Prakash Raj and composed by Ilaiyaraaja.

Ee Janumave – Kannada Version

Video Thumbnail intha porapputhan
Ee Janumave - Kannada

Ee Janmame – Telugu Version

Video Thumbnail intha porapputhan
Ee Janmame

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