Female solo sings have become a rarity in Tamil cinema. There was a time that it was so common in normal action masala movies and they were used to introduce the heroine in the movie (pretty much similar to hero introduction songs but a toned down version)

Uchi Malai Megangal is one such song – it sounds similar to Chinna Kuyil Paadum Paatu from Poove Poochudava but has its own character. Vellaiya Thevan was directed by Manoj Kumar and it was to capitalise on the short-time popularity of Ramki. Manoj Kumar didn’t have much of success but later he gave some moderate hits like Guru Parvai and Vanavil.

Song Uchi Malai Megangal
Movie Vellaiya Thevan (1990)
Director Manoj Kumar
Singers KS Chithra
Actors Kanaka
Lyricist Vaali

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