Edutha Vacha Paalum is another song that blends in perfectly with the situation. The song was written and composed for situation of the story and not randomly placed. The heroine is married to her maternal uncle but he finds that she has a terminal disease. He can’t reveal the same to her and she is not willing to accept his reclusiveness from sexual life.

The song has two versions. Version 1 is the one in which the heroine tries to woo her husband and Version 2 is the pathos version in which the hero laments about the situation. In second one, the heroine is oblivious of the fact that she is dying. Now, listen to the songs.

Song Eduthu Vacha Paalum
Movie Ninaive Oru Sangeetham (1987)
Director K Rangaraaj
Singers S Janaki, SP Balasubramaniam
Actors Vijayakanth, Radha, Srividya
Lyricist Gangai Amaren

Happy Version

Video Thumbnail eduthu vacha paalum
Eduthu Vacha Paalum
Eduthu Vacha Paalum is one of the best examples how Ilaiyaraaja can turn a tune for two different emotions - something he mastered over the years.

Pathos Version

Video Thumbnail eduthu vacha paalum
Eduthu Vacha Paalum Pathos


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