Warning: Please use your headphones when you listen. Some sounds in the song are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

I took a break yesterday as I didn’t want to do anything but sleep. And I want to give you a crazy number to compensate for the break. How about Rajinikanth singing a complete “Disco” song? This brilliant song is from Dharma Yuddham, but it got lost due to the popular songs from the movie – Aagaya Gangai and Oru Thanga Radhathil.

The song was written and performed by Hari-Ramola. The female part of the song was rendered by Ramola, a dubbing artist and singer from Tollywood. She has sung in Maro Charitra – Kalisi Unte Kaladu Sukhamu but I couldn’t find any information about Hari – I am still researching on that particular singer/songwriter.

Song Disco Sound
Movie Dharma Yuddham (1979)
Director RC Sakthi
Singers Hari, Ramola
Actors Rajinikanth, Sridevi
Lyricist Hari, Ramola

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