The series had to take a break because I wrote a post on Ilaiyaraaja Copyrights Issue and I didn’t want to dilute the problem. I am in back in the business and starting from a movie by Mahendran – I consider him the best director that Tamil cinema has ever seen.

Nandu had the distinction of the first Tamil movie to have a complete Hindi song. As I have already showcased the song in my last season, today I have one of the most beautiful renditions by Malaysia Vasudevan.

சேவை செய்த காற்றே பேசாயோ ?
ஷேமங்கள் லாபங்கள் தானோ ?
பள்ளி சென்ற காலப் பாதைகளே
பாலங்கள் மாடங்கள் ஆஹா

Song Alli Thandha Bhoomi
Movie Nandu (1981)
Director J Mahendran
Singers Malaysia Vasudevan
Actors Suresh, Ashwini
Lyricist Gangai Amaren

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