I wanted to post a song from this movie. But it was tough for me to choose between these two. I don’t know how to describe the brilliance of Maaman Veedu while Solla Solla Enna Perumai is in different league all together. Finders Keepers album that has released a collection of electronic music made by Raaja – they called their album after “Solla Solla” and the cover had Kamal’s picture from this song. So enjoy both songs 🙂

Day 84/365

Movie: Ellam Inba Mayam

Director: G.Rangarajan

Actors: Kamal & Madhavi

Song 1: Maaman Veedu

Singer: Malaysia Vasudevan

Lyricist: Panju Arunachalam


Song 2: Solla Solla

Singer: SPB
Lyricist: Panju Arunachalam


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