I can stick my neck out and say, there is no other music composer in India who has made background scores lovable like Raaja did. Without him, we would not have known what BGM score is. In fact, the Hindi movie scores are still unbearable. If you want to know why Raaja is the greatest composer, see the movies of directors when they worked with him and the movies in which they haven’t worked with him, you will know the difference. I am starting with my most favourite score that I listen at least once a week. The background scores are usually known as Original Scores in hollywood and other movie industry. That’s how important original scores are. Thanks to Raja Rasigan for his compilations

Day 48/365 – Idhayam Original Score

Movie: Idhayam

Director: Kadhir

The story is how an introvert medical student expresses his love to his classmate. See the nuances of score during different scenes. The moments after he expresses his love are just out of the world.

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