Song 44/365

Kannukkulle Yaaro

Movie: Kai Kodukkum Kai (1984)

Director: Mahendran

Actors: Rajinikanth,Revathi

Singers: P Susheela, SP Sailaja

Lyricist: N.Kamarajan


1. Kai Kodukkum Kai was based on a Kannada short story “Munithayi” written by Girradi Govindaraj. The short story was adapted in Kannada as part of 3 episode movie “Katha Sangama”. Rajinikanth acted as the villain in this movie (the guy who rapes a blind girl) and in Tamil he was the hero.

2. Mahendran had a special liking to Rajinikanth and cast him in some wonderful roles. Apart from Kai Kodukkum Kai, they worked in Mullum Malarum and Jhonny



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