Ilaiyaraaja – that name spells magic. When I started this 365 day project, some of them asked why Ilaiyaraaja? Don’t we know all his songs?

I usually  smile and reply – “No. We don’t. Not even hardcore fans of his have explored his music completely”.

I wanted to surprise people – normal music fans who haven’t listened more than few popular albums of Raaja. He is too awesome to be judged by few albums. I tried to feature some of his songs that are not usually spoken of when you talk about his music. I might not have done justice to his repertoire as I am not a trained musician to understand the nuances of his brilliance. All I know is I love all these 365 pieces that I presented to you. Every song is a gem. Every song is musical treat. I hope I introduced new songs to my readers and followers. I hope I debunked the doubts that few people had when I started this project.

I know people who admitted that they can’t be called as fans because they didn’t know much about this genuis’ music. I would have done more justice if I knew music well but at the same time I think the magic stays only when you don’t over analyze certain things.

Million Thanks to

  1. All my readers and followers on WordPress, Twitter and Facebook – there are people who have liked every post of mine. I am thankful to each one of you.
  2. The huge Ilaiyaraaja fan community on Twitter – if you want follow them – @sicmafia@_Drunkenmunk@kameshratnam, @nchokkan, @kamalaakarsh, @tekvijay, @sagittarian82, @IlaiyaraajaFans and @mayilSK
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  4. All my friends at Chennai Bloggers Club – who keep on pestering me for my posts
  5. All those invisible and visible supporters – I still remember a stranger thanking me for the posts.
  6. And above all Raaja himself for giving this opportunity to be his fan

The 365 day project comes to a close with this post as I am taking another secretive personal project. All I like to say is explore Raaja’s music, the truth is we haven’t done enough.

The last song of the series is a devotional song that starts every Raaja concert. I am an atheist but this song forms the example of how music is beyond everything including god for me.

Day 365/365

Janani Janani

Movie: Thai Moogambikai

Director: K Shankar

Sung with Deepan Chakravarthy & Kalaivanan

Lyrics by Vaali

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