5th week of Projekt Ilaiyaraaja and I will be posting some rare songs from other languages. Raaja has composed 100s of brilliant tunes in other languages that were not used in Tamil movies. But I like to start with his most famous tune as it was used by Balki in his ‘Idea’ theme.

Song – 33/365

Naguva Nayana

Movie: Pallavi Anu Pallavi (1983)

Original language: Kannada

Director: Mani Ratnam

Actors: Anil Kapoor, Lakshmi, Kiran Vairale

Singer: SPB & S.Janaki



1. Balki (Ad-man and film maker) is a great fan of Ilaiyaraaja and he has used many of his songs in his ads. Idhu oru pon malai pozhudhu (Kissan Jam), Uravenum Puthiya Vanil (LG TVs) to name a few. Of course, he would not have anyone else to do music for his movies.

2. Pallavi Anu Pallavi was the debut movie of Mani Ratnam and Anil Kapoor. Balu Mahendra was the cinematographer for this movie. The part played by Anil Kapoor was completely replicated as Karthik’s character in Mouna Ragam

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