Congress was not always bad. There were leaders who gave everything for this country. Kamaraj was one such leader. He is non-existent for current National leaders and he exists only as political statement opportunity for Tamil Nadu leaders. Whatever education and health improvements Tamil Nadu has seen are all because of this man. Gnana Rajasekaran, who made the wonderful biopic of Bharathi also made Kamaraj, a biopic on the leader who I admire the most. I wish he lived longer and if had taken the national leadership of Congress when it was offered to him (after Lal Bahadur Shastri’s demise), a lot would have changed in this country.

He was born on July 15, 1903 and this is 110th Birthday anniversary. He died on October 2nd, 1975

Song: Naadu Parthathunda

Movie: Kamaraj

Director: Gnana Rajasekaran

Actors: Richard Mathuram

Singers: Ilaiyaraaja (Pathos Version), Tippu

Lyricist: Vaali


Ilaiyaraaja Version


Tippu Version

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