365 day projects are quite popular in blogging world. I have been thinking what to do from my side. For the past few years, I am in the process of collecting the complete works of Ilaiyaraaja including his background scores. I have made only half way through it.

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja will be a daily post in which I will share one of his songs (through Soundcloud) give some information about the song, some trivia and possibly a legal download link (mostly flyte or cdbaby) where you can buy the song. So if anyone likes the song, they will be able to buy it immediately. Agi Music, who hold the rights to all old Ilayaraaja songs are doing a wonderful job of bringing all his songs in digital format.

Song 1

Oorellam Un Paatudhan

Movie: Oorellam Un Paatudhan
Singers: KJ Yesudas, Swarnalatha & Ilaiyaraaja  (3 separate versions of the song)
Actors: Ramarajan, Aishwarya, Vaidehi (aka Nandhini)
Director: Siraj
Lyricist: Vaali
Raaga:  Ramapriya (Source: http://www.oocities.org/ilaiyaragam/index.html)

KJ Yesudas Version

Swarnalatha Version

Ilaiyaraaja Version

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Why I chose this song as the first song?

Vaali used to write lyrics that subtly praise Ilaiyaraaja. Although this song is the connect in a triangular love story between lead characters of the movie, I see this song as an ode to Ilaiyaaraja’s music. Listen to the lyrics carefully, you will know why 🙂

Links to buy the song

http://www.flipkart.com/oorellam-un/p/itmd6zeyavjvx4qw?pid=DGSD6XFHAQDXRH4C (KJ’s Version)
http://www.flipkart.com/oorellam-un-paattuthaan/p/itmd6zeygj2cyyrp?pid=DGSD6XFHM67ZBGFA (Ilaiyaraaja Version)




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  1. Listening to the song and commenting. What a treat you have conceived for Ilaiyaraaja fans. Congrats on the Project and all the best.

    Shall be sure to stop by now and then.

    Joy always,


    1. Thanks Susan. And don’t forget to ping me when I forget 😉


  2. nice song to begin with…May the Raja be with you!!


    1. All Glory to Raaja


  3. got extra curious on seeing the raga details and making a mental note to follow the rest of the posts as well 🙂 gr8 start, Sylvian!
    Can I give a wishlist of songs?! 😛 – Vid 🙂


    1. I can’t identify Raagas – the Raaga details I write are from Ilaiyaraaja fan sites and groups. I know few songs which are still in contention on which raaga it is 🙂 I thought wishlists will come in the later part of the series but its a pleasant surprise that you asked for it in the first post. Do mail me and I will accommodate with due credit – sylvian.patrick@gmail.com


  4. Wow what a start. This is the song that i have heard the most. For me the best song ever.
    Everything including lyrics is just perfect. Also this is a song that made me realise that singing a song is not about the voice and technicalities alone. Because i have heard this song sung by KJY a lot. It was a great song till that.And the first time when i heard Raaja sing it, it was something else. Its unexplainable. Never have i realised a person and an his art in perfect unision than this. This is a crown jewel of his music.


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