I prefer to say about preferences

Why some movies impress you instantly and why you hate some movies,without any valid reasons? I have always loved movies which others loved and sometimes i have hated movies which others love. And the most stupid thing of all is that i have loved some movies which others hated so much…

For example, if you take the same age group as mine or little older, they will definitely love Mouna Ragam (may be 100/100, those who have seen) and of course i also love.

Mouna Ragam    Alaipayuthey

The next instance would be, almost 99% of my friends liked Alaipayuthey and i somehow hated it simply because of the final accident scene was a straight lift off from a scene in “Meet Joe Black”. So trivial is the reason, but i can’t stand plagiarism.
( Watch the video of Meet Joe Black in this video, the same scene is copied in 12 B too)

And i don’t like all the fantasy movies, the harry potters, narnias and rings…In fact i slept in a Harry Potter movie, which i had to go because my friend forced me. And he never called me up for a movie again.

The final instance of what others hated and i liked, there was movie called Poi, the 101st movie of KB i believe, which invariably all my friends shunned, dissected and debaucher. But i loved it but i dunno why, maybe because i loved KB movies from the start…may be may be..

Why these preferences come in to one’s minds? Are preferences so important? Should we give importance to other’s preferences. I have seen these preferences debate in a high note when it comes to Music, i have never knew how to differentiate between genres- rock, soft rock, punk, blues, metal, heavy metal, melody, country…..ooooooooo I still don’t know how to differentiate… I hear music and if i like it i hear again. I love Bryan Adams – i was told he is a soft rock, i like winds of change from scorpions, enigma, even words from west life, a few songs of MLTR, rape me from Nirvana and above all my most favorite is Ilaiayaraja…i hear because i like but some people always mock others because they stick on to a particular genre, they never hear other types of music and end up obsessed with one… I don’t blame them but is it right to mock others because they don’t hear what you hear.

These preference problems come in 4 major things as i have experienced. Movies, Books, Music and above all food. When we make preferences, we never get to know the good things of the other side. For example i am not able to enjoy what others enjoyed about Harry and Narnia. At least in music and food, i tried to be a universally acceptable species…

So why do people prefer something for something else????
Do you have an answer?

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Posted by Sylvian

Marketing Analyst by profession, a quizzer by passion, a blogger by choice, a poet by chance, a non-conformist by gene and a rebel by birth


  1. Susan from UK web developers May 31 at 4:16 am

    I would just say, that everybody is different and everybody likes different things. Somebody like fiction, because he maybe wants to get out of the reality, somebody likes romantic movies, because he/she is romantic and want to live a romantic life. It is all about the psychology.


  2. Thank you Susan For your comment… I know its psychology but what drives the psychology?


  3. Psychology is driven by everything what formed you. Your family, your friends, your experiences. Everything what might say your parents when you were young 🙂 Psychology is a very difficult thing… I had psychology this semester at school and I think, that people still do not understand it very much. Or just we did not have enough time to study it properly, because it is not my main subject.


  4. Thats what Susan I intended to say in the post. Its the peer group influence which makes people to prefer some things to the other…. Anyways i too had a bit of psychology in my graduation but didn;t go better in to it.I wanted to study psychology but my father made a peer influence to make me “prefer” engineering.


  5. I wanted to study psychology too 🙂 but I hate learning names and it should be about the names of psychologist and names of diseases and who knows what else. I have a terrible memory for names. After two years I still do not remember all my classmate´s manes 😀 I do not know what is the situation in your country, but here most of the people do not use to go to a psychologist, so here are not needed very much and it could be quite hard to employ. This was also the reason why I did not choose it.
    And what about you? was your father the only reason?


  6. Yes my father was the only reason … I am a small towner and my knowledge was very restricted and i had to take my father’s advice in it. And when i came to the city for my higher studies, i felt the difference…

    Here when you go to a psychologist or psychiatrist, you will be termed as a ‘ mentally unstable’ person, which i believe hypo-critic. But slowly in cities its changing…


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