I believe Twitter is the 10th wonder. This platform is showing endless possibilities and limitless opportunities. And some people are using it in a interesting way too.

I think nobody feels Tweeting is boring nor does one get tired. But to make it interesting some guys have started to evolve it has a interactive gaming platform.

www.twitter.com/BeatMyTweet has a simple unscrambling of English words game. The words are simple to crack but definitely interesting.

www.twitter.com/TwitBrain gives you simple math problems to solve. The twitterers are so fast that most problems are cracked within 60 seconds. Both have a online leaderboard list where you can compare yourself with others.

Mind you, the games are extremely addictive and your manager catching you looking for tweets is high on the cards. BeatMyTweet guy has his screen name very appropriate – OfficeEvil.

P.S. I know you would be thinking about 8th and 9th wonders. 8th is Google and 9th is iPhone.(according to me)

Happy Tweeting and happy playing. Follow me on twitter @ www.twitter.com/sylvianism


I have a found a new quizzing Twitter game too. www.twitter.com/Tweet_Quiz

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