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The Annual Kollywood Roundup 2014 from Sylvianism

Although I wrote less number of reviews this year due to my PG study plans, I watched 75 movies out of the 200+ Tamil movies released this year….

Lingaa movie review

Lingaa Movie Review : Why we should let go ‘Super Star’ and bring back Rajinikanth

When King Lingeswaran is introduced in Lingaa, he is shown reading a book titled “The Hero of Thousand Faces” by Joseph Campbell (it’s historically wrong because the book…

Unicef Ad

Slacktivism: Guilty as charged

Everyone in social media is an activist nowadays. A like or a share or retweet is the only thing needed to become an activist on a social network….

A case for virtue ethics in marketing

The idea for this post started during the lecture on ethics. Two modern ethical frameworks were discussed – teleology and deontology. I have faced ethical problems at my…


5 marketing jobs that you will apply for in 2064

People would not have guessed the fancy titles that we have in marketing today. Social media manager, digital marketing manager and mobile marketing manager were non-existent ten years…

The ugly face of Feminist Consumerism

Airtel, one of the leading telecom providers from India aired an advertisement that was supposed to break gender barriers at work, but the ad also reinstated another long…


Movie Review: Kaththi – Who’s the hero?

I have given up on reviewing Tamil movies, but sometimes it pains a lot to see how even media reviewers are swayed by sentiments that are totally against…

Device Fingerprinting: is this the most dangerous weapon of digital marketers?

When the NSA tracking scandal broke out, the whole world raged about the privacy of common people. But the truth is that we have been silently giving out…


The Ultimate Guide for Indian students who would like to do overseas education – Part 1

If you had visited my blog in the past 4 months, you wouldn’t have seen any updates. There were various reasons for the lack of blogging and one…


Why you should watch “The Letter” if you love “P.S. I love you”

Warning : If you haven’t read PS I love you or watched the movie, there are a lot of spoilers ahead. There is a fine line between inspiration…