laali laali - Sippikkul Muthu Ilaiyaraaja 450x300

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 130/365 – Laali Laali

Ilaiyaraaja’s lullabies are special. It does make you sleep unlike other music composer’s lullaby songs. Laali Laali is one of the most beautiful lullabies from Raaja but rarely played on...

/ April 16
kekkalayo kekkalayo - kasthurimaan Ilaiyaraaja 450x236

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 129/365 – Kekkalayo Kekkalayo

Kasthurimaan was a high-point in Meera Jasmine’s career. She won state awards for both versions of the movie (Tamil and Malayalam) and won filmfare in Malayalam for the brilliant portrayal...

/ April 15
jeevane jeevane - Megha jeevane Jeevane Ilaiyaraaja 1 450x300

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 128/365 – Jeevane Jeevane

Megha was complete album and the director Karthik Rishi took the pains to shoot “Putham Pudhu Kaalai”. It was one of those songs that was popular but never had a...

/ April 14
irandum ondrodu ondru - Panakkaran Ilaiyaraaja 450x300

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 127/365 – Irandum Ondrodu Ondru

There was a time when Rajinikanth remaked almost every other movie of Amitabh Bachchan. Most of the movies were produced by Balaji but later even other producers started remaking movies....

/ April 11
hey orayiram - Meendum Kokila Ilaiyaraaja 450x300

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 126/365 – Hey Orayiram

Meendum Kokila was originally launched with J Mahendran but later he was replaced with GN Rangarajan. Even Mahendran hasn’t talked about this movie in his autobiography. Nevertheless, it had a...

/ April 10
goodsu vandiyile - projekt ilaiyaraaja cover2 375x250

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 125/365 – Goodsu Vandiyile

Goodsu Vandiyile never gets mentioned when people talk about Kunguma Chimizh because of other popular songs from the movie – Nilavu Thoongum Neram and Poongatre Thedathey. Goodsu Vandiyile is a...

/ April 8
kaatru veliyidai review - Kaatru Veliyidai Review 450x300

Kaatru Veliyidai Review – In the vast expanse of Narcissism

When Leela (played by Aditi Rao) asks VC (played by Karthik), “Naan yen unkita thirumba thirumba Varen” (Why do I come back to you again and again?), I wanted to...

/ April 8
foolishq - Ilaiyaraaja Balki 450x300

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 124/365 – Foolishq

Let’s take a little detour for a day. This song was running inside my head yesterday and I thought I can take a detour for the Friday post. Balki adores...

/ April 7
eduthu vacha paalum - Ninaive Oru Sangeetham Ilaiyaraaja 400x300

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 123/365 – Eduthu Vacha Paalum

Edutha Vacha Paalum is another song that blends in perfectly with the situation. The song was written and composed for situation of the story and not randomly placed. The heroine...

/ April 6
dhinamum sirichi - Pongi Varum Kaveri Ilaiyaraaja

Projekt Ilaiyaraaja Season II – 122/365 – Dhinamum Sirichi Mayakki

The second line of the Pallavi might be offensive for few people as it uses the word “Sirukki”. It’s used as a derogatory word in common usage, but the word...

/ April 5