Guys how many of you like to work in a company which provides you the following??

ü      Accommodation, Food and the best salary in the industry

ü      Onsite opportunities

ü      Savings and Investment opportunities taken care

ü      Electricity bills and  other house hold bills taken care

ü      Occasional perks, incentives and festival bonuses (I heard they have given AC’s recently for the employees)

ü      Educational Assistance to children

If you are saying yes to all of these, then post your job application to Hotel Saravana Bhavan (HSB), the head office is in Vadapalani.

On the second home thing..

When I reached Chennai for my studies and later work about 4 years back, I was put in one of the worst places to stay in Arcot road by my college and the most difficult part was finding a place to eat… Me and my friends tried a lot of places and at last ended up in near by Saravana Bhavan. As the tiffin was too costly for us in the night to eat, we started having limited meals which was 25 bucks at that time. Awesome taste, filling quantity and excellent service, the best you can get from any restaurant.

Occasionally we used to take tiffin, once I asked the waiter what are the dosas you have, he started and finished in only 2 minutes. They had so much of dosa varieties to choose. Our evergreen favorite is Paper roast and my friend Alim loves the Tooty Fruity icecream.  The wonderful thing about the place is even you go at the closing time; they serve you with smile and never say that they have only a limited thing to give it to you.

And the best thing happened to us; it started in egmore very near to our college and later our office… The authentic Vathal Kuzhambu they make is simply sexy (That’s what a first timer whom I took said after taking it) and the sambar is awesome.

My father whenever he comes to Chennai, he always prefers Saravana Bhavan as it is tasty and he never gets any health problems eating there which otherwise he used to get eating in other restaurants of Chennai

The Real Indian MNC

Now the business thingy attached to Saravana Bhavan which I envy the most. The things which I have listed in the introductory paragraph of this post are 100% true about Saravana Bhavan. They take care of their employees so well even the Google employee would feel envy about what a HSB employee is getting.

The next thing is the quality levels they maintain in all the hotels. All their hotels allover the world is maintained by HSB trained professionals and they never compromise on the taste. The filter coffees are so good.. I and my friend made an observation on it and found that they don’t reuse the stuff which is used to extract the coffee for the second time. That’s the reason the coffee is so authentic.

We tried to explore the source of milk which they procure and asked a waiter in Vadapalani. The waiter said that only the manager in each hotel knows where it comes from.  The distribution channel is so good that you get the same quality of vegetables even in US. There was a case study in Business Today comparing Mcdonalds and HSB. It explained how HSB is superior in the distribution system and quality control to that of Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds have the technology of storing meat for 40 days in deep freezer but HSB is just their operational research techniques to give better quality food even in US.

HSB has 25 outlets in
India and 16 outlets in 7 different countries. They are still in the expansion mood and you can expect some more restaurants from them. My Tamil friends who are in foreign countries and craving for Indian food, why not make a request to them to start shop in your place, because their mission is “to have business wherever tamils are present”…

This post is my dedication to the Vathal Kozhambu and the filter coffee of Saravana Bhavan, my second home after Tanjore..

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  1. Interesting to know that Saravana bhavan is such a big entity. I definitely didn’t know about most of the facts here…


  2. hi sir….

    well i learnt a lot abt hsb last yr for a presentation.. but not exactly on the spot research… even was always interested in their distribution systems… but this does give a brief insight into the effective management tht is found in hsb.. btw, where were u put up in arcot road? cuz i still live in arcot road and i still visit hsb often… on those occasions when its full, i go to vasantha bhavan.. there are actually 2 branches of theirs pretty close to each other.. (one on arcot road and one on 100 ft road).. but still nothin will ever come near wat hsb is today… 🙂


    1. Can u please help me on the dristribution strategy followed by saravana bhavan? need as per my marketing casestudy? Any help or any document mentioning the details in this regard is welcome?
      Thanks & Regards,


  3. I am very glad to hear that HSB takes care of everything for the employees, after all they deserve it since they make such yummy food. Yes, google employees should be envious of HSB employees, after all, I don’t think Google takes care of even their employees’ daughters (even when they are married) like HSB does! You also forgot the added incentive of getting your son-in-law killed!


  4. your narration is very interesting & the title “the Real Indian MNC”…..”HSB business model is better than that of McDonald”s….really can’t believe this fact…amazing….kudos to HSB for providing good food at affordable rates


  5. Last week, I was admitted in a hospital near vadapalani.. It is true that My fear and the pain of living with tablets and injection went down atleast by 10%, as I was receiving saravana bhavan idli, pongal, coffee…


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