Movie of the Year in Kollywood – Dasavatharam

Some of the readers may feel this is a populist decision and it’s not worth to be the movie of the year. There are 2 reasons why it deserves to be the movie of the year.

1. For the 10 roles done by Kamal, the screen play and the chaos theory part.

2. It was the largest grosser for 2008 in Tamil.


I will not term it as a classic. I can’t even compare it to Nayagan,Anbe Sivam or Hey Ram but this one is a magnum opus. It showed the world a single man’s passion towards movies. Kamal is a born actor, he was born to act. He could not have been something else ( like what Sachin is to cricket or Maradona for Football). The film was extremely spilled over with his acting antics,thoughts and beliefs. I just loved it. The other contenders were Subramaniapuram, Anjathe & Varanam Aayiram but some how my bias towards Kamal made me to take this choice.

My extensive review of Dasavatharam here 

Movie of the Year in Bollywood – A Wednesday

I saw less number of Hindi Movies this year than last year. May be I chose my movies this year. The few notable are Jodhaa Akbar, Jaane to Ya Jaane Na, Dasvidaniya. I am yet to see Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi and Ghajini but even before that i chose my movie of the year, it’s  A Wednesday. 

A small time movie with two brilliant actors in the lead and a wonderful theme surrounding it. It’s about a guy who plants the bombs at different places in Mumbai and asks for a release of few Mumabi Train Blast Terrorists. There is a twist in the tale. If you not seen the movie, watch it in DVD, then you will know why i say it’s a landmark movie. If you are not enthused with the theme, watch it for Naseeruddin Shah & Anupam Kher, watch it for the slick direction, watch it for the griping screenplay and if you are fan for a movie like Tashan, please don’t watch ‘A Wednesday’.

For the complete review of the movie, check here..

P.S: There was a news in The Hindu yesterday about the remake of the movie in Tamil & Malayalam with Kamal doing the Naseeruddin Shah Role and Mammooty doing the Anupam Kher role.. Should i say awesome?

Movie of the Year in Hollywood – Dark Knight & Wall E

Again, I wouldn’t say Dark Knight is a classic. It was just another Super Hero movie and in fact it was too long, I stood up thrice during the movie, thinking that the movie has ended. You can’t compare it to The God Father, Heath Ledger can’t be compared to Marlon Brando – not even a distant second. ( I dunno why people have given better rating than God Father in IMDB- sympathy wave works everywhere!!!)

But Heath Ledger was fantabulous. One of the best antagonist portrayals ever to be made in the movie history (no.1 for me is Hannibal Lectar of Anthony Hopkins on any day). Heath made the character alive. There will not be a better portrayal than that. The body language, the dialogues, the actions- simply awesome. But the Batman was looking like stupid in front of him. The climax was such that it had to salvage some pride for Batman.

Dark Knight – only for Joker

On the other hand, Wall E is the best movie to be ever made in the animation genre. It surpassed movies like Toy Story, Shrek, Open Season,finding Nemo, Happy Feet etc., by it’s technical provess and storyline.

Sometimes I wonder how Pixar alone has such a imagination ability and can spill life in to inate animation objects. Wall E scores over Dark Knight because it had the romance of Shakespeare ( Romeo Juliet), social outlook of Michael Moore kinds, life of a normal man and technicality of Pixar.



You have to just watch it to love it. A wonderful treat to eyes, ears and heart.

P.S: With Pixar beating their own benchmark every year, I just wonder what will be their ultimate achievement.

Song of the Year – Tamil

Nenjukkul Peidhidum mamazhai – nice choice but not great, Taxi Taxi – liked by a specfic sect of the audience, Where’s the party- semma kuthupa, Kallai Mattunm – a wonderful rendering but a rip off from a old Telegu song, Un Thalai Mudi – a wonderful fantasy love poem after a long time.

There is one silent winner this year for the song of the year according to me. The music director was doing gospel music untill this movie, he is more famous as a anchor, but wow what a soulful melody he has given birth to.

Kangal Irandal from Subramaniyapuram is my choice for the song of the year. A light romantic melody with a simple beat and a strong lyric. The song was rendered by Benny Dayal & Deepa Mariam. Check out the song for yourself

Song of the Year – Hindi

I have a bad feeling when i have to choose songs in Indian FIlm Industry. Because most of them either ripped off from Western Music, Arabic, Korean, Japanese  !$% ( Both Hindi & Tamil). The few songs which really touched me this year in Hindi are Kahin To from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na, Tujh Me Rab Dikhta Hai from Rab Ne ( My caller tune), Ek Lau from Aamir ( The song which ran as a tribute to Mumbai Heroes in NDTV). But the song of the year for me would be Kaise Mujhe from Ghajini. 

No explanations. Just hear it to know why it is the best of the Year. It seeps through your heart and hurts you very deeply.. The guys who were in love will know it better…



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