It would not have been an easy job for a new director like Deekay to debut on an untouched genre in Tamil cinema. Horror comedies are nothing new to world cinema audiences but it is totally unheard of in Tamil cinema. It’s heartening to see producers like Elred Kumar trying it out with new talents in Tamil Cinema.

Yamirukka Bayamey starts with Kiran (Krishna), a conman who sells fake sexual enhancement drug racket. A local mafia don (Mahanadhi Shankar) and his son lose their sex drive after taking that drug and they threaten Kiran. Kiran gets a new lease of life when he receives a property from his real father. Along with his girl friend, Smitha (Rupa Manjari), he escapes and develops a resort at the property with the help of Sharath (Karunakaran) and his sister Sharanya (Oviya. But every customer who arrive at the resort die mysteriously and the group is confused whether the house is haunted or is someone playing foul to acquire the property.

Although the movie makes a slow start, it catches speed when Karunakaran takes the lead. Deekay puts that motley crew in to unimaginable situations and that’s what makes the movie hilarious. Sharp dialogues and wonderful acting from the leads makes this movie a brilliant watch. In fact, the director brings the clichéd doubts on each and every character and breaks the suspense very amusingly. Although the horror scenes are usual and inspired, they do scare you at right moments. People in the theatre were screaming for some of the scenes. After a very long time, Mayilsamy crackles on screen with a longer role rather than his usual one scene cameo. One of the biggest advantages for the movie is the promising background score from Prasad SN.

The comic sequences were mostly adult and sexy character of Oviya wasn’t needed. It was more of a commercial addition rather any substance. Although Krishna and Rupa Manjari were fine, Karunakaran is the real star of the movie. He steals the show completely with his expressions and dialogue delivery. Deekay hasn’t tried to spoof the genre. He has tried to evoke comedy through the situations that the characters get into and that’s what makes this movie different from others. At one moment you will be laughing while the next moment, he will catch you unawares with his horror show.

Yamirukka Bayamey is a perfect summer treat for the adults (if you are ok with your child watching adult comedy and glamour filled Oviya, you can take them too). It will scare you and make you laugh your heart out at the same time. And to be fair, you haven’t had that experience before through a Tamil movie.

A whopping 3.5/5 for Deekay’s Yamirukka Bayamey. It’s a must watch in theatres and would be perfect if you watch it with your partner. I hope you understand what I mean.

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