In one line, Vishwaroopam's story is “An Indian spy is chasing an Afghanistani terrorist to save America (as of now, may be in the second part he might save India too). Probably, my fellow Kamal fans would prowl on me in taking a simplistic view on his movie. But for the first time I believe, Kamal himself has simplified his narration.

Let's face it. Vishwaroopam is not a classic. Have you seen those numerous action movies in Hollywood, where you know the Protagonist and also the antagonist and the movie is all about how protagonist chases the antagonist to kill him. Vishwaroopam is that. It was like watching Liam Neeson in a Tamil movie. Having said that, Vishwaroopam is not boring. It's as interesting as all those action movies, tackily executed and filled with logical loopholes. Kamal has tried to satisfy his fans who look for subtexts in every scene and at the same time kept him aloof from his overindulgence. For instance, as a writer his dialogues oozes brilliance in scenes when Wisam is tortured by the terrorists (“Enga Ammava Chinna vayasularnthu Theriyum”) or when Nirupama is interrogated by the FBI (“we dunk him in the sea”) or when he prays before the climax (“Just the Arabic Version). His director brain brims in scenes the way he has used pigeons in the movie, the construction of some scenes and the way he goes back and forth in the narration. But at the same time he fails in constructing his characters. When the villain is shown to be such a brilliant mastermind, he is watered down to a complete idiot in the final scenes. Ashvita's (Andrea) character is mystery ( and hope he opens her up at least in the second part) and the way he has logical loopholes left unanswered was baffling for a director who takes pains to perfect his movies. For example, in few scenes Umar speaks to his son and others in Tamil.

Vishwaroopam is wonderful when it comes to the technical department. Sanu Varghese's camera and whoever has done the sound engineering has done a commendable job. The background score was surprisingly inadequate and loud.

Vishwaroopam is Hollywoodish in its production values but whether it has taken the Tamil cinema to the next level. It's a big “NO”. Pushing boundaries in technical aspects doesn't mean that it has pushed boundaries in storytelling aspects. With so many movies from other parts of the world asking questions to Hollywood, Vishwaroopam is just another action movie that keeps you engaged for 147 minutes. If you like Hollywood action flicks, you would love this too. But I believe Kamal is far beyond this

I go with 3/5 but it's not Kamal's Vishwaroopam.




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