When I came out Thuppakki, a question was running through my mind – Why can’t my Tamil directors take a movie that doesn’t defy basic logic? If a movie sticks through to the basic characterizations of people, it would stay logical. Is it that tough?

Before the climax sequence of the movie, the hero is being forced by the villain to switch cars from different places in Mumbai. The places include Chattrapathi Sivaji Terminus (Victoria Terminus), Bombay Stock Exchange and other places where historically terrorist attacks have happened. When villain finally tells him that all those cars that he had placed have bombs, the hero’s expression is priceless. If my Defence Intelligent Agents are so stupid, I should be very careful.

Thuppakki is full of logical loopholes sorry large potholes. Jagadish (Vijay) is an Army Man/ Defence Intelligence Agent (DIA) who comes to Mumbai for vacation accidentally encounters a sleeper cell bomb blast. He takes the onus of eradicating all sleeper terrorist cells in Mumbai on himself and kills 12 of them with the help of his army friends. The leader of sleeper cells Vidyut Jamwal (his character doesn’t have a name – seriousah ba) comes to Mumbai in search of his team’s killer. How Jagadish kills Vidyut and eliminates all sleeper cells forms the crux of the story. Meanwhile he also falls in love, dances in six songs and gets engaged.

If you see it superficially, Thuppakki is not bad. But if you go little deeper, you will find all those potholes glaring at your face. To be true, there is no difference between other movies of Vijay and Thuppakki, he comes to a city, finds the baddies and kills them single handedly. Only difference is he wears suits and uses guns. He doesn’t report to anybody and even the joint secretary of defence (DIA reports to ministry of defence) also a villain, doesn’t know Jagadish is a DIA agent (?!!). The screenplay is so predictable that you know what’s coming next and even worse Sathyan does the work of explaining sequences to audience. Even the intelligence of villain becomes a joke when he tries to beat him to death. If all terrorists are that idiotic, India will be safe forever.


Kajal Agarwal looks gorgeous but her role is nothing but another joke in the movie. There is no relation whatsoever between the two tracks. But Jayaram, why such a role? Just not what you expect from a actor of that calibre. Santhosh Sivan doesn’t make any difference to the movie and Harris Jayaraj is horrible (till now I don’t understand why people love Google Google song).

AR Murugadoss has tried to weave a different screenplay to Vijay’s template. The problem is that the template itself is terrible and no intelligent screenplay can save it. And Thuppakki is so predictable, the movie ends up as a half baked product.When you leave the theatre, you actually feel that you have seen a Vijayakanth movie with Vijay on it. It definitely suited Vijayakanth. Although Vijay has started choosing his directors well, he is still in the clout of belief that his fans will not accept different roles. You will know it only when you try it. I certainly believe that they are craving to see Vijay in a different role. Will he change is a question only he can answer?

P.S: Things you can learn from Thuppakki

1. You can play Volleyball in a Badminton Court

2. You can say you got inspired by Mary Kom to jump and punch in a boxing ring.

3. You can portray army officers as people who get surprised by a pistol in their bag.

4. You can also portray a sub inspector who never goes to station and never get questioned by his superiors.

5. You can actually run a terrorist den on a ship without any coast guard knowing it.

6. You can use a country dog to sniff and take you to the right place in Mumbai’s busy streets

And many more…

1/5 and give it a miss for Vijay’s Thuppakki.


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  1. exactly.. same feelings i had after watching this movie.


  2. Well it was a mass movie … so 99% of the of the audience are not logically reasoning like you. Still the heroine could’ve avoided slapping her father. I got put off since then..


  3. what a fucking fake review …this review luks like u are against vj or somthing like dat….chill down movie is already blockbuster….superb movie with logic of army …..fuck off dont review anymore!!!


  4. omale olukka. yenda panada payale etho review panrenu panatha.


  5. hahaha semma review super i think the man who wrote this review should admit to near by mental hospital …. he should be a phsyco


  6. I really don’t understand y ppl look for logical reasoning in movies… y watch movies. then instead y not watch news… apparently these days even tat lacks logic… u wouldn’t even know y ppl did dat… so Mr sylvian movies are supposed to be watched as entertainment not for logic.. u rather play chess in tat time…


  7. m sry to upset u but…. ur not a good critic…. ur critics lacks “logic” I believe u know there are different genera for movies… no one say mass movies need logic cos its ment for all the audience irrespective of their age, basically a family entertainer… and no one expects Masala in award movies… so each genera o movies should be criticised accordingly..


  8. For all those who are upset with the review, nobody is forcing you to read it! It is his POV and last time I checked, India still guarantees right of expression to its citizens.

    As far as the review goes, I agreed with some and the rest was kind of trying to find fault for the sake of it, but it is his view and he has the right to it.

    Patrick, keep up the good work – I totally agree with your Poda Podi review and can’t believe my ears when RJ Balaji said that the heroine was portrayed progressively – Reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?


  9. dai.,.nee blog vechirutha un mayuthukku review poduviya..nee enna avala peirya poooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. bro if can try to produce a movie then u will realize whether u urself is taking movie with some logical reasons or not.. it is easy to say then do..


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