Almost everyone has written a review for this movie but just for the record, I am writing. Probably, I am writing this just to record my anguish after watching this movie.

Most of the critics have been accusing directors of plagiarism from international movies. AL Vijay has a notorious reputation in that regard. In research (especially in market research), we have a common saying, “if you copy from one place it's plagiarism, if you copy from many places it's research”. AL Vijay has taken it literally and Thalaivaa is nothing but a mashup of Sarkar, Nayagan, Badshah and some more Don movies that you would have come across.


The story follows the same line as Sarkar. In fact, Sathyaraj has similar costume like Amitabh. Whenever you see a scene, you might start having a conversation with the person next to you on which movie that particular scene was lifted from. Actually, I am expecting to see some quiz questions in the next one year asking about specific movies from which the scenes have been copied.


Thalaivaa is not only a disgrace to all the classics it's also a disgrace to the audience who love those movies. It doesn't take you serious. The thought it would be ok to mash up all these movies is cringe worthy. Except for Nirav Shah's cinematography, there is nothing good to say about this movie because you sit there and rerun all those scenes in your mind. What you can do is laugh at them and nothing more. Vijay tries too hard to save this movie but it hasn't worked a bit. None of the supporting characters stick in your mind and a confused score from GV Prakash makes it even more difficult. When the premise and screenplay itself is wrong, I don't think anything could have saved this movie.


Thalaivaa is just an ambitious attempt by an actor to project himself as a leader for his fans. The truth is that it has backfired badly and the only result is that the producer and audience are suffering.


Please don't ask me for a rating. If I do that, I would discredit those classics.

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