When a guy is booed for singing Tamil song during a Hindi night at a pub, the hero enters and sings “Rosapoo” (from Suryavamsam) in Hindi – “Rosa Hai” (I am searching for the song, can the director please release it as a single?). When you have such an entry to the hero, you should imagine how the rest of the movie is going to be.

Sonna Puriyathu is a modern take on love stories with Shiva and Vasundhara Kashyap in the lead directed by Krishna Jayaraj. Shiva, a dubbing artist, is not willing to trade off his freedom for marriage is coerced by his mom towards arranged marriage. While Anjali (Vasundhara Kashyap) is also coerced by her Dad towards it. They meet up and successfully sabotage the marriage. But as happens in most Tamil Cinema, they have to get back together and you are taken in to a laugh riot on how it happens.

The strength of Sonna Puriyadhu is that it's frivolous – be it the way Shiva's mom (wonderfully portrayed by Meera Krishnan) coerces her son or the way RS Shivaji coerces his daughter Anjali or Shiva's obsession are all unapologetically frivolous. That's what makes this movie enjoyable.

Shiva has created a niche brand of comedy where his straight faced expressionless dialogue delivery is the powerful tool. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Something like Adam Sandler movies. In this movie it works, because of genuinely funny sequences and moments. For once, the director has broken some stereotypes with his women characters, a single mom, a iPadized grand mother (Vatsala Rajagopal, she even wants to reject people who doesn't use FB) and above all a normal girl as heroine who pukes after drinking in pubs and who doesn't make lectures about love, marriage et al. Vasundhara has just breezed through her role. In fact the director kicks the Thali sentiment for a toss too and he leaves no stone unturned when he wants to mock certain things. Shiva's friends are hilarious and I think one of them is Blade Shankar. Don't miss the dubbing scenes. Kaaliyana Saalayil is interesting composition from Yathesh Mahadev but others are passable.

Sonna Puriyadhu drags in the latter half especially due to the unwanted songs and lengthy stretch of sequences trying to establish the love between lead characters. The director could have used something else instead of what he has tried. Sometimes you feel certain scenes are extensions of tiny ad films. The movie would have been lot better with a little trimming here and there. Having said that, it's definitely a commendable effort for a debutant. Krishna Jayaraj has a knack of writing genuinely funny sequences with right dose of spoofs. Expecting much more from him.

A 3/5 for Sonna Puriyadhu. If you are a Shiva fan it's a must watch, even if you are not, you will not regret watching this movie.


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  1. will wait for a television premiere 🙂


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