Every time an Indian director or an actor tries to attempt a superhero subject, I want them to win. Sadly, the attempts are sub-standard and never relates to the audience it addresses to. The creators should understand that the superhero subjects are not made of graphics and technical wizardry, it’s made of strong content that can relate to the common movie watcher. All they want to do is get inspired by the content that hollywood produces and redo it in the same format. The Japanese superhero subjects or the hugely popular Nagaraj of Raj Comics and Shaktimaan of Indian TV worked because it produced localized content.

Ra.One becomes yet another futile attempt to create successful superhero franchise. Shekar Subramaniam (SRK) is a game developer with London based Barron’s International (whattay a name!!) lives with his wife Soniya (Kareena Kapoor) and son Prateek (Armaan Varma). Prateek think his father is uncool and to impress him, Shekar creates the most menacing villain in his video game, Ra.one (pun on Raavan). Through the most innocuous means, Ra.one comes to life and takes the shape of Shekar’s colleague Akashi(Tom Wu). He comes to life in order to finish the game he played with Prateek, who becomes the first player to play the new video game. On his way, he kills Shekar and Akashi. Prateek along with Jenny (Shahana Goswami) tries to bring the hero of video game, G.one (SRK) to life. Enter G.one, whose sole aim to safeguard and Prateek from Ra.one. The same old story of good winning over evil is shown in high end but garish gaming sequences.

SRK as Shekar is stereotypical but enjoyable. But the horrible Tamil accent is painful for people like me. As G.One, he has that charisma and screen presence to carry the movie till the last. He is letdown by the jittery screenplay and unimaginative action sequences. Even the B-grade masala action movies would have better action sequences than the ones created here. The only stand out is the chasing sequence in London streets. Armaan as Prateek is surprisingly irritable. Somehow he defies the theory about the on-screen kids, he is definitely not adorable. Kareena is sexy, period. Don’t ask more from her, the movie doesn’t give her the scope. Surprisingly, the most impressive of the lot is Arjun Rampal as Ra.One. He is stylish, suave and casual. The CGI work is commendable but they couldn’t do much because sequences didn’t offer much to them. While Vishal Shekar’s songs are interesting, their background score is a big let down.

Ra.One doesn’t work because it doesn’t take itself seriously. But we need superheroes to save the world and not strive to save couple of people. There are a few rules for super hero movies. Firstly they need to have a personal tragedy to become a super hero, secondly they should have unique (read not copied) super powers but should be vulnerable at times and thirdly they should save the world. People need to relate to the superhero and his cause. We are not watching a spoof movie to enjoy crappy jokes.

Sexual innuendos, crotch grabbing scenes, unwanted gay sequence are all big turnoffs for children. Even Spiderman had kissing scenes but they didn’t irk anybody. If you can’t attract children to your superhero, he is dead before he is born. Ra.One was an extremely ambitious project but it faltered in the way it was executed. Anubhav Sinha and his group of writers have failed to produce content that’s localized and engaging. What could have become the future of Indian cinema, has failed to live up to it’s expectations. Ra.one is painfully boring and idiotic.

A 1/5 for SRK’s ambitious attempt. Better luck next time, if it’s there.

P.S I know you guys thinking why I haven’t spoke about Rajini’s cameo. Although I loved seeing Thalaivar after a long time, I felt it’s just a marketing ploy. The sequence does give a moment of madness in this terrible movie.

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