Kollywood was weary of making sequels and franchise. Few valid attempts went in to the drain due to poor execution like Kalyanaraman and Adhisaya Manithan. In both cases, the sequels failed miserably. It has come back with few attempts. To be honest, Pizza had all the ingredients of becoming a fantastic spook franchise. Although Pizza is a con movie camouflaged as a horror, it did instil fear inside the people’s hearts. I remember the shrieks, flying popcorn flakes and kicks on the back of my seat.

Pizza II is not a sequel and takes a totally different milieu than the original. It’s about a struggling author Jebin (Ashok Selvan) who gets custody of an ancestral house owned by his father (Nasser). When he moves in to the house, he finds a series of paintings by his father that depicts his life – past, present and the future. When the events occur as said in the paintings, he tries to find answers with the help of his girl friend Aarthi (Sanchita Shetty) and his friend.

The Villa is technically brilliant. Sleek editing (Leo John Paul), beautifully shot (Deepak Kumar Padhy) and brilliantly scored (Santhosh Narayan). There is a sequence in which all the objects in the room tumble in a domino effect. Just brilliantly choreographed. You will actually humm the eerie score when you come out of the theatres. But the real problem with the movie is it doesn’t evoke the fear it should have. The director (Deepan Chakravarthy) has tried hard not to get in to the con job mode that Pizza employed. The Villa had all the ingredients to do that too. When you take out the fear and also the con part out of the movie, what remains is a plain vanilla that doesn’t have any flavour. All it needed was some flavour and without that even the last twist feels boring. Over the top explanations and an attempt to justify Pseudo Science didn’t save the disaster.

The Pizza Series has all the signs to become a real horror franchise of Tamil cinema but like most of other examples, it has stumbled in the second step. Whether it will regain the right path will be in the hands of next director (if it is made).

For now watch Pizza II: The Villa only if you have nothing to do other than watching technical wizardry.

A 1.5/5 and a huge dissappointment for Deepan’s Pizza II: The Villa

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  1. good review – hoping to read your review of Irandam Ullagam soon 🙂


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