A catchy single with intriguing lyrics. Beautifully made video that became famous on all social media sites. A young crew trying to make a mark inside the movie world. Perfect setup that could have been this year’s “Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kanom” but Neram flattered to deceive.

Neram is a story of Vetri (Nivin Pauly), who had lost his job due to layoff. He has to pay his debt that he had received from Vatti Raja (Simhaa) and on the same day his girl friend Veni (Nazriya Nazim) leaves her house as her father is planning her engagement. Vetri is waiting for his friend to arrange for money while Vetti Raja is searching for him. Did he pay his debt? What happens to his girl friend? All these questions are answered in 2 hours of Neram purely based on chaos theory.

Neram is well written. Alphonse Putheran (writer & director) has tried make sure every character is accounted for and leaves no loose ends. I don’t know who wrote the dialogues for Tamil version but he has done a wonderful job. “Thiyagraja Bhagavatharke music solli thariya” is just an example but every dialogue that John Vijay utters are brilliant. Alphonse also has done wonderful characterisations – old music loving Inspector Katta Kunju (John Vijay), Veni’s irritating father Saravanar (Thambi Ramaiah), Manick (Ananth Nag), his brother (Nasser – his awesome is awesome) and above all Simhaa as Vatti Raja are all brilliant. The same cannot be said about the leads – Nivin Pauly and Nazriya Nizam (doesn’t she look like Aruna? – famous actress from 80s)

Having said that, Neram falters in two things – predictability and execution of a good screenplay. When a movie is based on chaos theory, we all know that everything is going to be connected somehow but the sweetness lies in the way it is executed. In Neram, once you are introduced with all the characters, you can plot how the story is going to end. This predictability kills that sweetness in the chaos theory part and what remains are just comic scenes.

Alphonse has faltered in executing his screenplay. Unwanted slow motion scenes hamper the speed and he doesn’t have the same grip that he would have had in paper. The predictability and slow execution leaves you with a thought that something is missing from Neram. I loved the instagramish cinematography (Sarath C.Chandran) and the background score (Rajesh Murugesan) is adequate.

Neram could have been a classic but lack of experience of the director shows up in execution. Nevertheless, Alphonse Putheran shows a lot of promise and we can expect some brilliant movies from this guy, provided he identifies his deficiencies and correct them.

I go with 2.5/5 for Neram and you can watch it if you don’t have anything to do on a Sunday afternoon

P.S: I wanted to say “awesome” like Nasser but you didn’t allow me to 🙂

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