I don't believe in waves. I always believe that a good movie will be received by the audience. Sometimes they might fail because of various reasons. But a good movie is always a good movie. Having said that, I welcome the experiments done by some young directors in recent times. A well inspired experiment is always good for cinema. Infusing Indian cinema elements is good, but when it overpowers your narration, you definitely need to rethink your writing. Moodar Koodam suffers in that respect.

Moodar Koodam is another experiment from a young director Naveen, an assistant of Pandiraj. Naveen has produced, directed and has donned the main protagonist of the film. The other leading characters of the film are Rajaj (Vellaisamy), Sendrayan (you will know him if you had been following Nalaya Iyakkunar) and Kuberan. The supporting cast includes Jayaprakash, Oviya, Anupama Kumar and host of other characters.

Distributor (Pandiraj) Backstory : I won a National award for my first movie. But none of my other movies matched it. I started a production house. Probably, I can produce and distribute some good movies. This Naveen is my Assistant. But this movie looks like Soodhu Kavvum. Probably, similar genre but this guy has sentiments and left leaning dialogues that might be welcomed by the audience. Let's distribute it.

Moodar Koodam is a story of 4 men (Naveen, Vellai, Sendrayan and Kuberan) who meet at a police station lockup and then decide to loot a house over a drink. The house belongs to Vellai's uncle who cheated his father to become rich. The confusion that ensues forms the rest of the story.

Moodar Koodam had genuinely funny sequences that will make you go bonkers. All these scenes are elevated by the performances of brillant supporting cast. The guy who is in search of a CD in the house, the small girl who has a crush on Naveen, the house worker, the small boy, Salim Bhai (is he the same actor from Office Serial), the rowdy group or even the dog – everyone makes a mark on the screen. Above all, Sendrayan and Kuberan will make you lose yourself with their performances. Having said that, sentimental scenes and extensive socialistic philosophies from the lead actor (who happens to be the director) is a drag.

Director Naveen Backstory: Are they playing an English movie somewhere? Oh, let's watch some DVDs of Guy Ritchie. Let's watch Lock,Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch and Revolver. What a movie making style? Let's do something like this. But Nalan has already taken something like this. He loves Guy Ritchie movies. Let's add some sentiments and philosophical overtones. Sentiment works in Tamil cinema. Eh?

Dark comedy is a genre that will make us laugh at ourselves and at the end make us think. For instance, if you take Soodhu Kavvum, the politician played by MS Bhaskar is the only good guy in the whole movie but we would be laughing at him. In Moodar Koodam, Naveen is the only one who is not a fool and everyone around him is. If the narration had taken that route, it would have been perfect but Naveen chose to mix unwanted elements that hamper.

What should have become a classic dark comedy has ended up as just another comedy movie. But Moodar Koodam is not bad, Naveen's experiment is commendable and you can definitely watch it for the supporting characters that make the movie enjoyable.

A 3/5 for Naveen's Moodar Koodam. You can definitely watch it once.

PS: For the story behind the backstory – watch the movie

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