The last two years have seen a good amount Romcoms in Tamil but adult Romantic Comedies are a rarity in Tamil cinema. Early this year “Yaaruda Mahesh” tried it but failed miserably but Kalyana Samayal Sadham has quietly executed it almost perfectly.The name Kalyana Samayal Sadham might be unassuming but probably the makers wanted to surprise you. And boy, they did surprise me with that interesting conflict.

Meera (Lekha Washington) introduces herself and her complex Brahmin family that is at the cusp of tradition and modernity. Her doting father and mother (Delhi Ganesh & Uma Padamanabhan) after a string of bride groom search find a suitable guy Raghu (Prasanna). They get engaged and during Meera's birthday party something happens between them. How they resolve this conflict and join hands is elaborated in an adorable way.

The conflict is delicate and you would not see this being commented upon in a normal family setup. It is commendable that RS Prasanna and his team has taken this delicate issue, giving it a comedy spin and at the same time opening up possibilities for people to talk. Prasanna once again proves that he is not a run of the mill actor and handles his role with finesse. Lekha defies the doubts she passes with flying colors as a modern Brahmin girl. Deepa Venkat's voice is immensely helpful. But the whole movie is about the supporting cast. If not for them, this movie would have gone for a toss. Delhi Ganesh, Uma Padmanabhan, Raghav, Praveen and even the smallest of the characters make this movie delightful.

The wonderfully conceived Mella Sirithai and Kadhal Marandhaiyada makes Arrora's (Naveen) debut impressive but except for the final scenes, he doesn't have much to do with the background score. RS Prasanna does a fantastic job in writing especially the dialogues part. But in order to avoid vulgarity he takes the English route instead of colloquially used words. Although the movie starts with a female centric approach, the story moves to the bride groom side. We don't get to see the female side of the story in the conflict, how her friends would have reacted and the idiotic ideas they would have come up with. It would have been more sweeter if we get to see that part too.

It feels wonderful to see that everyone is positive in the movie but will a father-in-law be that accommodating after he finds such a problem. But on the hindsight, people will be happy to see a feel good movie after a long time. RS Prasanna has brought typical Brahmin arranged marriage to life with a delicate twist. Although, personally, I don't believe in arranged marriages, I felt it needs some space too in our movies. And at the same time, I would be happy if this movie is not just passed off as comedy and creates a space to discuss certain things before weddings.

Having said that, Kalyana Samayal Saadham is not a family movie but its a movie that every one in the family should watch. One small boy who watched the movie along with his family in theatre asked during the final scene “Yen ma, Dhoni six adikarathu katranga?” (Why they are showing Dhoni's sixer?). The mother went speechless and she already let out a gasp at the monstrous job of answering her son's questions later at home.

A 3/5 and a must watch for Kalyana Samayal Saadham. Go watch it with your partner and think twice before taking your children if you are not ready to answer their questions.

PS: I hope and want parents to discuss about sex with children

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